Adapting & Remaining Productive with Video Conferencing

Posted March 2020

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TGI’s video conferencing technology gives your business the power to connect and collaborate effectively.

Start or join a web video conference on any mobile device, PC or Mac® computer, or traditional video conferencing equipment. Let your participants use the apps and services they prefer with this WebRTC-based solution, which can bridge multiple legacy and cloud-based audio and video conferencing solutions. Simply apply the tools you’re already using to connect quickly and effectively.

You can instantly transform remote meetings and customer experiences into more genuine interactions. Increase effectiveness, accelerate learning, speed up decisions and solve problems faster with face-to-face collaboration that puts information, apps and support at everyone’s fingertips. You can even share presentations while seeing your collaborators or customers in side-by-side live images.

Joining a remote meeting is as easy as placing a phone call and doesn’t require any special equipment or hardware. Enjoy resolution and frame rates that are automatically optimized for smoother video without jitters or lagging. Plus, all video and data is encrypted to help ensure every conference participant can share freely, without compromising the integrity of confidential information.

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