Document Management (ECM)

Create, Store, and Secure Documents More Efficiently.

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In most businesses, information is fragmented across the organization among email, file cabinets and customer databases. Trying to retrieve misplaced data can take hours — or even days. As your business partner, our job is to improve your document workflow, manage your device output and ensure that your information is secure.

We call this document management — services to help create, capture, store, access and secure documents more effectively.

Result: the efficient processes you need to compete in today’s economy.

Document Capture

At TGI we understand how to streamline the process of gathering and identifying documents so you can get back to using the information instead of trying to organize it. So whether you’re looking to simply scan a document from your copier to your desktop or you’re looking to automate the distribution of invoices to the proper department for approval before payment, TGI can help.

Document Storage

At TGI we have helped many organizations, including our own, streamline internal business process enabling decisions to be made more quickly and accurately.

Document Distribution

At TGI we can help your organization distribute your documents and information in the most efficient and effective way possible. Whether it’s as simple as scanning an invoice to a client or as complex as implementing a full scale fax server solution, TGI is there to serve you so you can get back to work.

Business Process Optimization

Larger organizations usually have the help of expensive business process management applications that integrate with the rest of their systems to automatically improve efficiency, but you don’t need large, expensive software packages to make your business more efficient, you just need TGI.


By streamlining the capture of your documents, effectively storing those documents for easy retrieval and making the distribution of those documents more efficient, TGI can not only make an impact on your bottom line, but can also help you limit your environmental impact.

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