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Green Initiatives Information Security Mailing Solutions Print Management Document Management

“I’m interested in reducing the negative impact my organization has on the environment.”
What is my solution?

“I’m concerned about the safety of my company's data.”
What is my solution?

“I would like to lower costs and improve the functionality of my mailing equipment.”
What is my solution?

“I want to gain control over how much I print and what it costs.”
What is my solution?

“I would like my business to be more efficient and less paper intensive.”
What is my solution?

Over the last 50 years, TGI has matured to become an indispensable business partner by providing our clients with solutions to their most pressing business problems. We have identified through our experiences that most companies are looking for guidance on issues such as increasing efficiency, improving security, lowering their environmental impact and becoming more profitable. By implementing strategies within our 6 value propositions, TGI can help you realize a significant, positive impact to your bottom line.

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Print Management

Allow us to introduce TGI’s Green Print Saves (GPS), an innovative company-wide program designed to analyze your current system and create a cost-effective, eco-friendly print management plan. Our GPS program can reduce your hard printing and output costs, reduce or eliminate administration expense and improve your organization’s overall quality and efficiency.

Document Management

In most businesses, information is fragmented across the entire organization among email, file folders and customer databases. Trying to retrieve misplaced data can take hours — or even days. As your business partner, our job is to improve your document work flow, control your device output and ensure that your information is secure by analyzing and, in many cases, streamlining your current process.

Green Initiatives

As a leading technology provider, TGI understands that we have a responsibility to protect the environment. Therefore, we’re constantly implementing new green practices internally, as well as educating our clients on how to reduce their environmental footprint. We’re focused on finding the balance between business printing needs and the preservation of our natural resources.

Information Security

Reports from a variety of sources have come to these same conclusions: data theft is common, it happens regularly, and everyone is aware that it’s a serious problem. That’s why TGI delivers solid security solutions. In addition to protecting against security breaches and possible litigation, we help in keeping businesses compliant with ever-increasing government regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and eDiscovery. By providing our clients with tools to increase transparency throughout their organizations, while at the same time securing access and use of critical data, we can help them understand the complex path to securing their information, as well as current regulations and how they can affect them.

Mailing Solutions

TGI and Postalogic offer innovative mailing solutions for every need and budget. We deliver only the best-in-class software solutions to increase efficiency and expand the capabilities of your mailing processes, including postal accounting, reporting, rate shopping, and mail machine interfacing & control.