IT Services

IT Services

Network Managed Services.

TGI recently acquired iPower Technologies, a managed IT services provider and large network integrator. iPower Technologies will keep infrastructures functional so companies can concentrate on running their businesses and addressing their clients’ needs.

Cloud Solutions

What is the cloud? Is it right for my business? Let us guide your company’s move towards the cloud and realize the power of utility computing.

Document Storage

Data Center Technologies

Can your data center infrastructure keep pace with your business goals? We combine our best-of-breed competencies around server, storage, networking, and security technologies to give your business a competitive edge.

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Managed IT

We provide comprehensive, flat-fee network management solutions to improve network performance and reliability while reducing operating costs.

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Disaster Recovery

When a catastrophe strikes, you need a robust system to keep a business running and moving forward. Protect data from disaster with managed backups. Managed backups ensure data is protected from disaster. Is your data protected if the worst-case scenario occurs?

Security Assessments

We respect your valuable information. A world-class data center keeps all sensitive business data secure and private.

Network Architecture

We offer a comprehensive business continuity solution for IT architectures. The service goes beyond business continuity products. We work closely with businesses to assess their short- and long-term needs.

IT Services

IT services play a significant role in the routine of a modern business. Regardless of the type of business, everything related to IT services is crucial for a company that relies on technology. IT encompasses various fields and subjects.

Sometimes it is handled in-house and sometimes by a third-party services provider, like TGI’s iPower Technologies, that offers an external services team that helps facilitate IT operational processes. The use of a third-party provider is known as business process outsourcing or infrastructure outsourcing. There are many kinds of IT services that fulfill specific business needs.

The needs are different for each business. The most common types of IT services are listed here. Some are geared toward specific utilities, while others are more general.

  • Managed IT Services
  • Cloud Backup Services
  • Monitoring Services
  • Firewall Services
  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • Business Intelligence
  • Remote Support
  • Mobile and Remote Networking
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Data Analytics
  • Networking Services
  • IT Development
  • Printing IT Services
  • Unified Communication

Cloud Services

The cloud is a platform connected to the internet. It provides ways for company team members to interact with needed technologies. Because the cloud stores information rather than holding it on computers, team members have access and can use it in the office or at home. Some cloud services remotely run operating systems that allow team members to use business programs remotely without downloading them on a computer.

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Monitoring Systems

IT services monitor internet-enabled devices, such as computers, internet traffic, and business networks. Monitoring allows the IT services team to track who accesses the business information, know when technology repairs are needed, and make software modifications and updates. Monitoring ensures members have the resources and tools required to complete tasks.

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Network Security

Network security services protect the business’s network from access by unauthorized users. IT services create and issue authorized access for those who need it. Other network security services include:

  • Building firewalls
  • Installation of anti-virus software
  • Installation of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Regular network checkups
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SaaS (Software as a Service)

Software as a Service refers to paid subscription software programs. They can include database software and word processing. IT services connect you with needed services and monitor the connection to ensure you can use it when needed. Using SaaS as a service may include cloud access subscriptions include additional service features like technical software support.

Remote Support Services

Many IT services provide remote technical support. For example, IT services can access a device experiencing issues through the internet for troubleshooting and repair. Remote support allows finding and repairing problems more quickly and applies to multiple devices, including most mobile devices. IT services with remote capabilities reduce the time to correct technical issues and update applications. Work continues with minimal interruption.

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Backup Solutions

Backup solutions protect loss of information from occurring by storing data copies on online platforms like a cloud service or external hardware. Information backup services help protect business information if issues, such as a system failure or power outage, occur.

There are different types of backup services like desktop, server, and file backup. You can schedule automatic backups to save the most recent version to ensure data is secure.

IT Service Provider Software

TGI enhances businesses’ competitive technology edge by capitalizing on the cloud. You get availability, scale, performance, and simplicity in one platform. We assess, design, and migrate workloads to cloud solutions suitable for the business. Some of the software we use includes

  • Office 365
  • 365 Data Centers
  • Microsoft Azure
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Office 365/Email

This software operates as an all-inclusive Microsoft package that features programs such as Word and Excel. It is an excellent option for businesses needing diverse software for organizing data and prefer to pay a monthly fee. Office 365 is fantastic for companies that rely on email communication and need organization.

365 Data Centers

The software offers managed services, cloud, network connectivity, and colocation with the simplicity of having one invoice, one support team, one account manager, and one contract, all provided in-house. Colocation services are available around the clock.

High-speed network connectivity offers dark fiber deployments, ethernet transport, SD-WAN, and dedicated internet access. Cloud-based solutions integrate IT infrastructure, including managed backups, storage, migration, and hosting.

Microsoft Azure

This is the Microsoft cloud platform for private and public use. Microsoft Azure was once known as Windows Azure. The Azure platform offers an array of security, analytics, IoT, development, and more options. It is highly popular because Azure charges fees based on use rather than a flat fee. Microsoft Azure is a flexible choice for companies.

Information Reporting

Through data monitoring and collection, IT services provide information about an organization. Reports are created on topics like information storage or the use of technology to help understand how effective current services are. Many IT services provide software that streamlines project management and financial reporting. Information reporting services may arrange information in a manner that makes understanding business processes and making important decisions easier.

TGI as a Managed Service Provider

Innovative technology from industry-leading partners allows us to offer unparalleled IT services. We can provide reliable and cost-effective services and solutions with our external IT teams. Our certified network engineers and factory-trained technicians offer technical expertise and are dedicated to supporting you.

ENX Magazine recognized us for offering innovative sales and marketing programs. Our involvement in the community, strong work culture, and willingness to do what is required to remain relevant in the ever-changing market.

We adapt to new solutions, services, and technologies. Our team goes the extra mile because our loyal customers are our most valuable asset.

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