Managed Print Services

Take Control of Your Output Fleet with Managed Print Services.

Here’s a surprising statistic: print costs typically consume 3% of total revenue.

Allow us to introduce TGI’s Green Print Saves (GPS); TGI offers innovative managed print services that assess a company’s current printing environment to create a print management system that is eco-friendly and cost-effective.

The program reduces printing costs, eliminates hardware administration expenses, and improves a company’s overall efficiency. Whether your company has hundreds of employees or just a few, there is a program that helps with cost control of a company’s document output, efficiency creation, and a reduction in the company’s carbon footprint.

Business requirements for small and large companies are constantly changing. The work they do demands new approaches to printing documents. They need to be secure, flexible, and manageable without being complex.

What better time to take control?

Managed Print Services

Control Print Costs

Many organizations are unaware of how much they spend on their printer fleet. It averages between three and 12 percent of a company’s revenue. Whether a business is a company with hundreds of employees or a small company with a few employees, there is an opportunity to reduce document printing costs significantly.

Sustainable Printing

Sustainable Printing

TGI prides itself on being environmentally responsible in our internal business, and we’ve gone to great lengths to limit our impact on the global environment. We also look forward to the opportunity to share those experiences with our clients to help them limit their impact as well.

Businessmen Put the papers on the copier, Device Management

Device Management

Most businesses handle printer issues reactively, causing headaches, lost productivity, and missed deadlines. IT departments’ involvement in handling printer fleets is increasing, resulting in significant technology initiatives being put on hold because a down printer is unacceptable. With TGI’s GPS Managed Print Services Program, we take the burden off your shoulders so you can get back to work.

Supply Inventory Management

Supply Inventory Management

Many organizations are drowning in their toner supply, and managing it has become a full-time job. TGI knows what you’re going through and wants to take care of it so you can get back to work. Our GPS Program frees you from storing, managing, and ordering toner.

Basic Workflow Approval Process, MPS-Ready Printers

MPS-Ready Printers

We offer simple, easy-to-use, cost-effective, environmentally friendly printers for your business. Whether you need high-speed color, simple b/w desktop, or departmental production printing, TGI can provide it.


We integrate multi-vendor environments with a cloud-based workflow that simplifies and secures the paper-digital gap bridge. The climate crisis is among the most urgent and significant issues that face the planet.

It threatens the ecosystem on which we depend. Collective efforts are required. Every business must move toward carbon neutrality to protect the environment and reduce waste. A carbon-neutral company reduces its carbon footprint by a combination of measures.

They include increased operating efficiencies, using renewable energy, and investing in carbon offset projects that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and create a social impact. The measures include providing opportunities and new jobs that strengthen communities vulnerable to unsustainable practices.

We can verify our solutions and managed print services align with your company’s objectives. Strategic business reviews track progress toward goals with an interactive tool that enables transparency and proactive collaboration.


Cloud technologies are spreading to nearly every aspect of the workplace. The cloud ensures collaboration between a distributed and mobile workforce. It eases the burden on IT resources. The advantages include:

  • An optimized IT infrastructure with a simplified IT workload that has a low or no on-premises footprint
  • A flexible implementation that aligns with the secure public, private, or hybrid implementation roadmaps
  • An improved digital user experience that provides anywhere, anytime, personalized, and intuitive access to dashboards and content
  • Scalable and flexible services that support workforce changes and will adapt to workforce requirements in the future


A connected workplace produces vast amounts of data across processes, documents, uses, and devices. TGI solutions unlock data for improvement, automation, and optimization opportunities across an organized infrastructure. Valuable uncovered insights are helpful for:

  • Improving security that flags unauthorized users printing outside working hours or content
  • Tracking print usages of devices, such as copiers, fax, printer, and MFP fleet.
  • Boosting employee productivity by selective or general replacement of paper-intensive, existing third-party equipment processes with lean digital devices
  • Designing an optimal print environment with the functionality that balances high device use with reduced costs
  • Improving power and carbon consumption that meets sustainability initiatives more efficiently


An explosion of data and information forces organizations to rethink the work environment. Data management has to work smarter to remain competitive and efficient. Security has to be tightened, and work processes have to be more automated.

Digitization solutions range from full-scale process automation to simple apps. Content management systems help by:

  • The cost reduction of automating manual processes also saves time
  • Enhancing team collaboration with any-time, anywhere access to content
  • Speeding decision-making with more accessible data
  • Improving compliance and reducing errors through auditable workflows

Why Choose TGI

By managing your fleet of print devices, we allow our clients to benefit from cost savings. They can focus on the organization’s core business and let the print environment be our responsibility. We make it easier to manage cost reduction. Call TGI if you would like:

  • Managed print services that have comprehensive security built-in
  • Managed print services with advanced solutions and capabilities with a scalable, low-touch IT print infrastructure
  • Managed print services with analytics that make the workplace more intelligent and connected
  • Managed print services that are automated and optimized for increased productivity and seamless collaboration

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