Green Initiatives

Thinking Responsibly.

Leader in Sustainability for Three Decades.

As a leading technology provider, TGI understands that we have a responsibility to protect the environment. Therefore, we’re constantly implementing new green practices internally, as well as educating our clients on how to reduce their environmental footprint. We’re focused on finding the balance between business printing needs and the preservation of our natural resources.

At TGI, we take green initiatives seriously. In our industry, environmental sustainability is the practice of reducing negative environmental impact by lowering energy consumption whenever possible. Our hardware, software and services all help our customers use less energy. TGI’s commitment to taking care of our planet began more than three decades ago. Today, sustainability is woven into every aspect of our business.

Leader in Sustainability for Three Decades.

We’ve worked hard over the last decade to become as environmentally efficient as possible internally, and we’ve leveraged that expertise to help reduce our client’s carbon footprint as well. We provide a wide array of environmental services, from equipment and toner recycling programs to software that reports on environmental impact based on usage.

Green Manufacturing.

100% of the equipment TGI provides is 2007 Energy Star-compliant. In addition, all equipment is manufactured in ISO 14001-certified (zero-waste-to-landfill) facilities, all of which are ISO 9000 (Quality Management) certified. When we first deliver equipment, we educate the users and configure the equipment to provide maximum energy efficiency through the use of sleep modes and auto-on/off timers.

The toner used in the equipment is PxP, a polymerized resin. It requires 35% less energy to manufacture than conventional toners and requires a lower fusing temperature, meaning that the equipment warms up faster and uses less power to operate.

Zero Waste.

When a TGI device reaches end-of-life, we’ll provide de-manufacturing services to ensure that nothing ends up as waste. We also break down any unusable equipment into metal and plastic, recycling everything possible.

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