Sustainability is woven into every aspect of our business. In 2020 we installed solar energy panels to power TGI’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. This investment that is making a huge impact on our environment.

The array of solar panels provides 38% of our overall energy consumption within our office space. After the first year, TGI’S Total Greenhouse Benefits (95.58 tons of CO2) amounted to a total savings of $16,000 on electricity. The solar panel array paid for itself within seven years, as well as put power back into the city’s grid. Solar energy helps in reducing greenhouse gases and helps to stimulate the economy.

One of our main priorities is educating our employees on proper recycling practices. For example, every TGI employee is given a mug made of 100% recycled electronics and is encouraged to use this rather than disposable cups. Our employees have adopted many new conservation practices. It’s become a valiant team effort to reduce our environmental footprint.

All of the boxes TGI receives are reused as packing materials. Large plastic bags that are shipped with new machines are used for rubbish removal. TGI recycles over 8,000 boxes yearly. The average box weighs around 19 lbs., totaling 152,000 lbs. per year of recycled cardboard. That’s 76 tons of cardboard, with Total Greenhouse Benefits of 28 tons of CO2 and Total Energy Savings of 635,000 kWh.

When possible, we prefer doing business with companies that show excellence in sustainable operations through energy conservation, pollution prevention, resource conservation and recycling.

We update our internal environmental policy regularly as we continue to implement new conservation practices. We’re proud to say that we’ve implemented all of the green practices that we recommend to our customers.

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