Security Compliance

Your Security Means Everything.

Reports from a variety of sources have come to these same conclusions: data theft is common, it happens regularly, and everyone is aware that it’s a serious problem. That’s why TGI delivers solid security solutions. In addition to protecting against security breaches and possible litigation, we help in keeping businesses compliant with ever-increasing government regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and eDiscovery. By providing our clients with tools to increase transparency throughout their organizations, while at the same time securing access and use of critical data, we can help them understand the complex path to securing their information, as well as current regulations and how they can affect them.

TGI takes security threats seriously and has taken a leading role in educating our customers to the security threat that may exist in their organization.

Device Security

The potential for this information to get into the hands of someone that might use it against you or for their financial gain cannot be ignored. The good news is that this information can be rendered harmless and impossible to read very easily.

Access Security

TGI can help you secure your copier/printers in many ways, from simple 4-digit access codes to complex card-authentication devices linked back to Active Directory.

Document Security

TGI has numerous ways to protect your documents ranging from a simple password protected print option to the ability to create encrypted, password protected PDFs on the fly.

End-of-Life Security

Due to the recent spotlight on copier security in the news, there have been general concerns that information stored on copiers’ hard drives could be accessed by unauthorized people after the equipment is removed from a customer’s premises. TGI provides a free service to wipe all data off the hard drive of the device we replace, free of charge.

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