Document Capture

If you think about it, all business processes start with a document. Whether it’s an invoice, a purchase order, a new-hire application, a packing slip or a sales contract, in order to perform our day-to-day tasks, we need documents.

We receive documents in various formats and in various ways, such as email attachments, paper documents, or even downloads from the Web, a smartphone or a tablet PC. The difficulty of gathering all the information together in one place can often be more challenging than the actual work you need to do.

At TGI, we understand how to streamline the process of gathering and identifying documents so you can get back to using the information, instead of trying to organize it. So whether you’re looking to simply scan a document from your copier to your desktop or looking to automate the distribution of invoices to the proper department for approval before payment, TGI can help.

4 levels of scanning

    1. Manual scanning to an application, email, or a shared network drive
      • Requires several steps to file a document
      • Slow and inefficient
      • Prone to mistakes
    2. Document conversion from paper to more-useful digital format
      • Turning paper into Word/Excel files
      • The power of searchable PDF
      • Limitations
    3. Document cleanup and routing
      • Automatic cleanup like auto-rotate, blank page removal, despeckle/deskew
      • Better information up front, less work later
        • Onscreen prompts
        • Key information lookup
        • Automatic information capture
          • Reading fields on a form
          • Barcodes for separation or information
    4. Intelligent document processing
      • Combines all of the above
      • Automatically decides which form it’s looking at
      • Uses rules for each type of form to find information and process the documents
      • Handwriting recognition

Now that you’re capturing your documents, how will you store them? Read more

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