Document Storage

Unfortunately, an organization’s knowledge exists in multiple places such as email, network file folders and paper archives which are often times inaccessible by the folks who need access to it to make decisions.

A proper Document Storage strategy can enable your organization to put all the required knowledge in one place helping you improve efficiency, increase profits, greatly enhance customer service and most importantly, streamline business decision making.

Due to the explosion of information, it is becoming more and more important for companies to adopt some sort of strategy for managing their information. If you’ve thought about coming up with a Document Storage strategy but just haven’t gotten to it yet, you’re not alone.

At TGI we have helped many organizations, including our own, streamline internal business processes enabling decisions to be made more quickly and accurately.

The results? Higher profits, lower costs, improved efficiency and best of all happier customers.

Putting your documents in the cloud

  • Public vs. private cloud
  • Sending files from your MFP

Retrieving your documents from anywhere

  • Mobile apps
  • Web browser access

Put your captured and stored documents to work for you. Read about our document distribution capabilities

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