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Today's world is digital – and so are most of your documents. Users can access, edit, or delete them if they are easily accessible. That said, document security solutions are essential to securing your documents and ensuring that only you have controlling access to them.

Luckily, modern technology introduced new ways to safeguard confidential documents and keep everything at bay. Protecting sensitive information is never easy and is an approach that requires attention and awareness, implementation of effective practices, and proper document security solutions.

At TGI, we are a leading document security partner to many organizations, helping each make the most out of their document management and easily protect documents. Below we talk more about document security systems, showing you why this practice is essential for you to increase ROI and run a successful business.

Main Components Of Document Security Systems

A lot is going on with documents – users can access them in raw formats or export them to PDF files. They are created, used, shared, edited, and stored in different locations. All of that makes them potential targets of cyberattacks, breaches, data leaks, and malicious insiders. Also, it leads many to believe that document security systems are much needed as a way to not only secure documents but secure your organization as a whole. Let’s look at some of the essentials of document security.

Document Security Solutions


All digital security systems need to be encrypted. If your document security systems do not use encryption, you should adopt this technology immediately. For those new to it, it is hiding documents from those who are not authorized, verifying that the original creator of the content remains unchanged. Whether that is your company or specific users, encryption is all about keeping your documents secure. Once it is removed, the recipient can do everything they like with the documents. At its core, encryption is the building block of document security and has a wide array of features and limited controls. If your business relies on a tool to ensure proper two-factor authentication, it’s time to level up your encryption.

DRM (Digital Rights Management)

DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Digital rights management (DRM) is a technology that is enforced to take care of controls over information. Whether your file is a song, film, training ebook, or a list of PDF instruction tools, DRM goes beyond pure encryption to enforce persistent controls over the ability to use the content. You can limit the ability to distribute (copyright) print or view the content by external users.

DRM is used when an entity (organization or business) wants to grant access to its information to another entity under controlled conditions. This is only to ensure employees don’t take key documents with them when they leave or people buying things cannot transfer ownership to others. Also, some DRM systems can be locked and used on a specific date or location. DRM is a good practice if you want full control over your documents, whether they are connected to your services or business as a whole.

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Last on our list of document security systems is collaboration. For many, it is an important aspect since it controls the access to specific documents or files to a group of people (authorized users) and links those identities to the input they made to a document. For that, it is seen as a precursor activity to DRM and a process where you can be sure only authorized users have access to or can amend the document authorized for distribution. With the right rules set for collaboration, you can give access to the right people for printing, saving, and copying your documents.

Key Principles For Proper Document Security Management

Document Security Solutions

Good visibility of your documents

Visibility should be at the forefront of your document security efforts. You can’t protect nonexistent or nonvisible documents, so your organization needs to control all visible files. However, many companies are still stuck with technologies and systems that are not integrated and do not allow for visibility in their business files. This prevents them from protecting their documents. Certain document security solutions are needed to enhance the protection of all workplace assets, ensuring compliance.

Document Security solutions

Complete control over access

Accidental data leaks, malicious insiders, human error…Many scenarios lead to breaches – you should identify them before they occur. The ability to control and track who can access information is essential to proper document security. Advanced technology allows for granting and revoking access, controlling document security and storage, and providing specific audit trails that control and track all activity. You can also set particular files to expire after a specific date, a specific number of times it’s been opened, or any period of time after it has been opened the last time.

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Intellectual property

Intellectual Property is something that can be categorized in many ways. From scientific to technical, contractual, financial, invention, and so on, the point is that you can control who can see your files and track their usage. You can also prevent your documents from being printed and restrict their copying, thus ensuring maximum document security and compliance.

Document Security solutions


Last on our list of essentials is flexibility. In today’s changing marketplace, we see tough regulatory scrutiny. Document security systems must embrace the flexibility that benefits the company as it allows employees to adjust permissions and access to support business agility while protecting their essential and sensitive data.

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At TGI, we take pride in protecting documents in numerous ways. Whether it’s a simple password-protected print option or a complex process, we will make sure that your documents are secure and available to you at all times. We are here to find the best way to protect your financial or legal data and make sure you ensure full compliance.

Our team will help you prevent your documents from being saved, copied, or printed – our document security services will go through every file and determine the right action plan for optimal protection. We can set passwords, encrypt, create permissions and rules, train you to use specific tools/software, and transfer our knowledge to you or your management team, allowing you to identify all the potential ways your documents can be compromised.

In an era where document and identity theft are rising, our services are the best way to protect your files and keep your documents secure. Fill out our online form to receive your free security consultation, or contact some of our sales representatives at 1-866-468-4462.

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