Printer and Copier Data Removal Services

Hackers are always looking to get access to sensitive information, and one of the ways they do this is through printers and digital copiers. Many of these devices have hard drives on them, and they can be easily accessed just like any other computer.

As such, deleting data from your printers and copiers is a must for any organization that stores sensitive information and aims to protect it.

If you’re looking for printer and copier data removal services, look no further than TGI. Securing data stored and deleting those that are no longer needed is at the core of our business, and we have years of experience in this field.

We have worked with different types of companies, including large corporations, financial institutions, business stores, and government agencies. With our state-of-the-art security tools and stringent security features and protocols, your sensitive data will always be protected.

Because Sensitive Documents are Everywhere

As a business owner, it’s your legal responsibility to safeguard your company’s sensitive documents and maintain reasonable procedures that will protect company info, and personal consumer information from the risk of identity theft. This is especially true when you have networked multifunction devices since they can be easily accessed and compromised by cybercriminals. Specific compliance obligations for a particular industry may also require you to abide by certain data security requirements. Such information, when fallen into the wrong hands, can be used against you and your company.

Copies of these documents can be found in printers, photocopiers, networked copiers, and other digital devices. Protecting sensitive information is essential to secure not just your company’s reputation, but also your clients and employees. Therefore, it’s crucial to have your printers and copiers regularly wiped off by a professional servicing company to guarantee that all sensitive data you no longer need is gone for good. Experts will use a particular software that can detect and delete every trace of this information.

Unfortunately, sensitive documents are everywhere, and these may include things like:

  • Credit reports
  • Consumer information
  • Legal documents
  • Financial statements
  • Employee background screens
  • Patient medical records

How Digital Copier Stores Data

Digital copiers are today’s most common workplace tool that’s considered a smart innovation. It does more than copying. It can print, copy, fax, scan, and even email documents. The machine helps manage incoming jobs, as well as workloads that need to be shared with other companies.

However, not all its security features are always reliable. You may not be aware of this, but generally, information is stored in the Hard drive disk space, which is also used to hold the operating system, utility software programs as well as other data. When a digital copier’s life cycle ends or a leased copier’s return date approaches, it will be returned to the leasing company. Without you knowing, all the data you’ve printed, scanned, or copied before leaves the building too. This means that every document you have printed to the machine is at risk of being accessed by unauthorized persons. The hard drive where you store information can be stolen, whether by remote access or extraction, once it has been removed from the machine. A digital copier will store scanned documents or any other digital content permanently or for a specific period.

Regardless, this poses a chance for hackers to easily exfiltrate sensitive data. This is especially true with digital copiers connected to a network.

Hire TGI For Data Security Of Printers and Copiers

An organization’s information security policies and procedures should be effective in helping safeguard your company’s data. However, the weight of managing your company’s data security can be overwhelming and daunting. While data destruction and erasure is a critical part of any security strategy, ensuring the credibility and effectiveness of this process requires expertise that can only come from professionals. TGI follows appropriate procedures that not only detect and remove all traces of digital data, but also adhere to more specific compliance obligations.

We understand the importance of your data and have the resources and experience to effectively remove it from digital printers and copiers to protect your business. Above all, affordability without ruining the quality of our work is a priority at TGI. Protecting information and your company’s reputation is vital, and we have the skills and knowledge to do just that. We always keep clients in the loop and inform users of the project status at every stage.

Don’t miss the chance to protect sensitive information with printer security and copier security. Your peace of mind is just a phone call away. We offer services perfect for all sizes of businesses, and our team is always ready to help you using only top-notch data security features!

Our services involve:

  • Secure and thorough data file wiping of all devices where you have information stored
  • Features involve encryption that makes it virtually impossible for hackers to access important information
  • Thorough scanning of your office printers and copiers to detect any traces of sensitive data
  • Regular maintenance and professional cleaning of your office equipment to ensure the safety of all your documents

Innovative Utility Software Programs Built to Secure

Oftentimes, business owners wonder what they can do to best protect their critical data. You could try overwriting existing data or perhaps removing the digital copier hard drive on your own. However, these hard drives frequently include needed firmware that allows the device to function. If the hard drive is removed and destroyed without the ability to replace the firmware, this makes the machine inoperable. The best way to protect your networked copier data from potential exposure is to use a highly reliable utility software program that can detect and remove any traces of information on digital copiers, scanners, printers, and other office devices.

At TGI, our innovative software was designed specifically to secure data. We offer thorough scanning and wiping services that won’t present problems for the functionality or performance of your office equipment. Security features are built into our software to ensure compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA. Although many of the devices TGI represents have standard data-overwrite features, most of the older devices we’re replacing don’t have such features. To further protect its customers,

TGI provides a free service to wipe all data off the hard drive of the device we replace, free of charge. Contact us today to learn more.

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