Are Ricoh and Lanier Different?

Posted October 2018

Ricoh and Lanier

We are often asked if Ricoh and Lanier are different. The answer is no, the equipment is not different at all. Ricoh USA Inc. provided us with a detailed explanation to share with you:

What exactly is the Ricoh Family Group?
Ricoh has chosen to go to market with multiple brands for the exact same products (copiers/MFPs, printers, wide format printers, scanners, fax machines, etc.). The brands that make up the Ricoh Family Group are Ricoh, Lanier, Savin, and formerly Geststner (Gestetner is now Lanier).

Ricoh’s strategy is to gain more market share by having multiple brands and selling those brands in multiple channels. This creates a perception of more options in the market via more authorized dealers to sell those options. This is like GM selling Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Buick. In the case of Ricoh products, there is absolutely no difference in the equipment, not even a minor feature.

Over the years there has been a pseudo-segmentation of these brands, such as Ricoh brand for the traditional SMB (small to medium business) market, Lanier for national accounts (large corporations with a wide geographic reach) and health care organizations, and Savin for smaller markets. This segmentation has faded and the three Ricoh brands compete for head to head in all segments.

Whether there is a Ricoh, Lanier, or Savin sticker on the equipment; it is all the same. Parts, supplies and third-party technology compatibility are exactly the same. It is important to find a dealer/servicing partner with a quality service organization, local ownership, local decision-making, administration support, and technical support.

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