Barclays Center 2013 Kickoff Event

Posted June 2013

Barclays Center 2013

TGI Office Automation hosted a celebration on January 29th that was an employee recognition party with 270 TGI, attendees. As Frank Grasso, President and CEO of TGI put it, “This is our chance to say thank you to the people who have been such loyal employees and have done so much to grow our business.”
Grasso hosted the event at an exceptional venue — the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. Now home to the New Jersey Nets, the Barclays Center is a brand-new multipurpose indoor venue for sports, arts and entertainment that recently opened in September 2012.

After dinner at the Barclay Center 40/40 Club, TGI went courtside where Grasso and his team honored 136 people who have achieved company tenure ranging from five to 40 years. TGI also recognized employee performance in sales, service and administration, as well as accomplishments of the warehouse staff.

“Our 2012 sales exceeded $60 million,” said Grasso. “We could not have done it without a sales, service and admin team that worked very hard and continued to push the envelope. It was a good time for us to do this celebration in the new arena. Our headquarters is very close to the Center and it is revitalizing this entire area. We have made a very strong commitment as part of the Barclays Center business council that supports this venue. It has been a catalyst for growth and we fully expect to reach $100 million in the not too distant future and that is not just hype.”
Executives from Lanier, Toshiba and Lexmark — all of whom TGI represents — also attended. Grasso was also quick to point out that the manufacturers really stepped up and helped make the evening more special by providing prizes, including laptops, televisions and the like for a raffle at the end of the evening.


As part of the awards ceremony, Larry White, Vice President of Sales for Toshiba, conversely recognized TGI as the outstanding “Dealer of the Eastern Region.” Jim Coriddi, Vice President of Dealer Sales for Ricoh, followed up by announcing that TGI was the top Lanier dealer in U.S.

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