Benefits of TGI’s Major Account Program

Posted February 2024

Accessing Information Anywhere

TGI’s major account program offers a full line of products and solutions catered to the unique needs of our clients. With a diverse portfolio of products, TGI ensures that our clients have access to a wide range of options to meet their specific requirements. Coupled with this, the program offers flexible financial benefits, ensuring that clients can tailor their solution to align with their budget and operational needs. Additionally, TGI provides project managed implementation, ensuring that the deployment of products and solutions is seamlessly integrated into the client’s workflow.

Through TGI’s major account program, clients can benefit from nationwide service and support through a robust dealer network, ensuring that they have access to assistance and maintenance services whenever and wherever needed. Moreover, our copiers are rigorously tested and approved by their security team and IT experts, providing clients with the assurance of top-notch security and reliability. Customized invoicing and centralized account reporting are also included in the program, streamlining the financial and administrative aspects for clients and providing them with clear and detailed insights into their account activity. With such comprehensive offerings, TGI’s major account program is designed to provide clients with a seamless and tailored experience, ensuring that they have the tools and support necessary to enhance their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • In-house Leasing with Flexible Terms
  • No pickup fees
  • No return fees
  • Non-escalating lease
  • No third-party billing
  • Fixed pricing for the full term of the agreement
  • Customized invoicing
  • Centralized account reporting
  • Custom solutions for specific needs
  • Diverse portfolio of products
  • Nationwide service and support through a robust dealer network
  • Copiers tested and approved by Security team & IT

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