Business Technology Contingency Plan

Posted September 2020

Technology Contingency Plan

Business Technology Contingency Plan:

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. The impact on businesses is extensive. It has made the importance of a business technology contingency plan more apparent. There is no room for uncertainty when it comes to your IT. We are here to help by considering the possibility of future disasters and putting together a plan for the next wave of turbulence.

Did you know that 51% of companies don’t have a crisis plan in place? When catastrophe strikes, you need a robust system in place to keep your business up and running and to keep you moving forward. There are steps you can take to be more prepared. We can help your organization with technology recommendations so you are ready. We work closely with your business to assess your needs in both the long and short term.

Here are a few services we can customize for your organization:

  • Managed Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Managed Data Back-up Solutions
  • Cloud-based IT Infrastructure
  • Cloud-based Application Hosting
  • Data Replication

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