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Posted July 2018

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At TGI, we still believe in the very same founding principle we started with half a century ago: a satisfied customer is our most important asset. We are thrilled when our customers take the time to share their experiences with us.

We were happy to hear this customer is pleased with the all-encompassing solution we provide:

When I started the process of meeting new copier vendors to replace our existing equipment, I had no idea how involved it would become. This time I enlisted the expertise of our IT department only to find out the many issues that they faced with copier machine trouble tickets. I scheduled many meetings with 3 different vendors and their technical staffs. Only one company stood out from the rest and that was TGI. Cynthia Grey and her colleagues were so patient and professional throughout the process. Once we signed the contracts, I was nervous that they and their equipment would perform as promised. Nine months later and we could not be happier with our Ricoh copiers. The IT department’s trouble tickets have gone away. TGI was able to implement a security feature where our employees use their key fobs to access their projects. It has helped to keep our copier area clean and clutter free.
I would not hesitate to recommend TGI to anyone looking for new reliable copiers. Cynthia and everyone at TGI will take the time to listen to your company’s needs and find real solutions.
Karen Abbale – Overseas Military Sales Corp.

It is always a pleasure to hear about how our service techs go above and beyond:

I wanted to take the time to express the fabulous work that Andrew does for us in fixing and maintaining our copier machines. Andrew is always friendly. He is personable, and communicates with me about what is going on with the copiers so we have no surprises. Not only is this refreshing but truly makes us all feel like our machines are in the best hands. When Andrew is here I do not worry that I won’t be able to get our work done. He always comes through! I can’t compliment him enough! He is a valuable person on your team. He always gets the job done efficiently. All I can say is thank you for sending him our way!
Lee Anne Gomez-Rayzak – Old Westbury Golf & Country Club

Have you had an experience with TGI that you would like to share? We would love to hear! You can leave feedback here or post to our facebook page. You can read some of our other testimonials here.

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