COVID-19 Support to NYC Hospitals

Posted May 2020

COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Support to Hospitals in YNC

COVID-19 Support to NYC Hospitals: As we all look forward for business to normalize, we can and will never forget the many heroes who have sacrificed to provide essential services for all of us. We applaud the healthcare, safety, supply, and social service workers that continue to risk their lives. Thank you.

TGI’s commitment to the community has always been a cornerstone of our philosophy since our humble beginnings. During this time in our history, TGI is committed to doing what we can to help. We are dedicated to providing service, support, and supplies to our customers & community helping to do our part in keeping organizations operational. Since we have headquarters located both in Brooklyn and South Florida, we have seen, firsthand, the impact of this virus. We are exceptionally grateful to our TGI family for their continued efforts to afford essential businesses the ability to operate.

TGI was honored when we were called upon to assist a prominent New York City hospital network in setting up two emergency warehouses, as well as ten COVID-19 temporary treatment sites. We also assisted an additional network of New York hospitals with emergency equipment deliveries, as they combated the virus.

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