Custom Document Solution for a Township

Posted April 2024

The customer is a township in Sussex County New Jersey with a population of 5,311 is 35.4 square miles of rolling agricultural lands, wetlands, forests, streams, and pristine lakes.

The township was storing most of their documents in filing cabinets. In one specific department, Building and Grounds, there was a need to electronically store the larger blueprint documents. They were not able to access the blueprints in an efficient manner, especially when they were not in the office, or when physical access was limited. In addition, the township did not have the ability to copy or duplicate large format documents.

To address their issues, TGI provided a robust and scalable Document Management Solution, DocuWare, along with a new wide format MFP (Multifunction Printer). This solution gave the township the ability to electronically archive all their large format documents, using the scanning capabilities of the wide format MFP.

Now that TGI has successfully implemented the DocuWare Document Management Solution, the township has found it much easier to store and retrieve large format documents, while simultaneously eliminating the manual process of looking through filing cabinets. Because the township benefitted from DocuWare, they have now engaged with TGI to expand this to their Dog License Registration process.

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