Cyber Security Webinar

Posted September 2023


Did you know that every 2 seconds a company is hit with ransomware? It isn’t just big corporations. Small to medium size companies are suffering from ransomware. Their data is being held hostage. 46% of data breach victims were from companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. We will provide valuable information on how to keep your business from falling victim to threat actors.

We will take you through the shadows of the dark web, show you how hackers move, and most importantly how to protect your business from a cyberattack. Steve Stasiukoinis from Secure Network Technologies is providing in depth insight on what is needed to secure your network from ransomware attacks and other threats.

Tuesday, October 3rd at 11am

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iPower has partnered with Secure Network Technologies, an expert team of Offensive Security professionals. Their ability to hack networks and mimic an adversary helps protect businesses from digital thieves. This webinar is highly recommended for all CEOs, CFOs and CIOs who need to understand the impact and recourse of a cyber attack. iPower is here to help you prepare.

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