Dedicated IT Services for NYC Law Firm

Posted March 2020

Legal IT Case Study-01-01

Leveraging extensive legal experience, this Criminal Defense Firm in New York City represents clients as trial lawyers. The group of five attorneys guide clients through all phases of litigation.

The Law Firm did not have an IT provider. Their servers, computers, other IT hardware, and software were outdated. Their primary server which housed all their data had crashed. Therefore, they had no access to their data or applications for almost a month. All workstations were using Operating Systems that were no longer supported by Microsoft. Their Office Manager/Paralegal would mitigate IT issues when they would arise. These issues became a burden which interfered with their work.

TGI has provided the Firm with multifunction devices over the years. Naturally, they turned to TGI to relieve their IT burden. Initially, TGI ran a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) assessment tool to discover all outdated software and hardware. TGI’s Solution Engineer was able to analyze the current environment and suggested what could be done in order to bring them up to date.

TGI offered Managed IT services with RMM and WebRoot Antivirus support. All workstations were updated to the current version of Windows. Hardware was updated to current specifications. TGI configured a new server, preserved the data from the previous server, and the data was migrated over. The Firm saw a reduction in downtime and an increase in productivity. The Office Manager no longer has to spend time trying to resolve technical issues. TGI’s customer appreciates the proactive IT services and support they now receive.

TGI is a comprehensive office technology provider. Our family-owned company has been in business since 1964. We provide enterprise solutions with unmatched support. TGI offers copiers, printers, mailing equipment, and document software solutions. By improving bottom-line profitability through smart, strategic solutions, we help our customers reduce costs as well as maintain a competitive position.

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