Electronic Signatures

Posted April 2020

How do I get a document signed since I’m not able to meet in person? Traditionally we meet face-to-face and hand someone a piece of paper to sign. Currently we cannot do this due to the stay at home orders. We all rely on legally binding signatures.

Did you know TGI offers a digital signature solution? As long as you have internet access you can email the document you need signed.

Benefits of Electronic Signatures​:

  • Security and ease of use for electronic signature processes and digital identity verification
  • Reduce paper use and improve the workflow of teams and people​
  • Mobile work / any place, any time​
  • Faster / safer 
  • Easy integration with current applications
  • Legal accompaniment
  • Direct access to documents
  • Guarantee of file integrity ​ ​
  • Space-saving thanks to secure digital storage ​

To alleviate concerns and simplify the process, there is a 3 million dollar guarantee to verify in court that you have a legally binding document.

Business needs to keep moving. Not being able to meet to gather a signature shouldn’t halt progress. Contact TGI today to get set up with electronic signatures.

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