Frank Grasso – TGI’s Leader

Posted March 2015

Frank Grasso

They say a good leader is one that knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Frank Grasso certainly does just that.

Frank is the Chief Executive Officer and owner of TGI Office Automation. In his current role, Grasso oversees the strategic direction and operations of the company. He is the son of one of the founders of TGI. Frank began his tenure with TGI as a service dispatcher and has worked in almost every department, including driving the delivery trucks. Exposure of working in all areas of the company has instilled a priority towards customer service that Frank still holds onto today. Frank has instilled the very same founding principle TGI started with five decades ago: a satisfied customer is our most important asset.

In 1964, one year prior to the invention of the compact disc, TGI Office Automation (then T&G Industries) was born in a humble brownstone on the then hardscrabble streets of Brooklyn, NY. Two partners set out to earn an honest living with a $500 loan from their grandmother, selling copy paper and office supplies. From those humble beginnings, TGI has grown into one of the most successful business technology providers in the U.S. offering office equipment, solutions and service nationwide. Although TGI has grown in leaps and bounds, we have never lost touch with the old neighborhood. Our state-of-the-art headquarters and cutting-edge technology portal is located less than a mile away from that same humble brownstone, constantly reminding us of where we came from. The only difference is the neighborhood is just a little bigger.

Frank Grasso is a young, energetic and outstanding business leader. When Frank’s father passed away, he had several choices to make. TGI was built on loyalty and a more traditional approach to the business. Frank recognized that he needed to expand his Father’s vision and went about building a sustainable business model for the future on the foundation he was given. His drive and innovative approach grew the company leaps and bounds. The company’s revenue is now approaching $80 million and TGI employs over 375 across 10 locations. In addition, TGI has seen double digit increases over the past 5 years; these accomplishments are a direct result of Frank’s direction.

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