Global Medical Facility Streamlines Operations with TGI

Posted March 2024

About the Customer
A global medical facility in Princeton, NJ specializes in the development and commercialization of orally administered anti-cancer agents for various tumor types. The facility has a robust pipeline of small molecule clinical candidates targeting solid tumor and hematological malignancies, with additional candidates in pre-clinical development.

This facility had multiple MFPs (multifunction printers) throughout their main location. The facility was in the process of renewing their lease with another organization and TGI was able to provide a second quote. They had multiple leases and separate service contracts for the equipment. With a TGI Solutions representative engaged, along with the TGI Sales team for the initial meeting, a few issues/concerns that the customer was experiencing were uncovered. Their current Equitrac implementation did not meet the expectations for a multi-location Print Management Solution and was not configured to read multiple prox/HID card types.

To address their issues, TGI offered to simplify their financials by offering one lease, one service contract for all the equipment, as well as the PaperCut Application with Follow-Me print and secure print release. The PaperCut application was a direct replacement to their current underperforming Print Management Solution.

With the implementation of PaperCut, users were now able to authenticate at any of the nine MFPs successfully regardless of the user’s card type. TGI was also able to provide the customer with increased functionality such as scanning to OneDrive through PaperCut and reliability, at a relatively lower cost. The customer was so pleased with the initial implementation in their HQ location and improved productivity, that TGI will be expanding PaperCut to their other locations on the West coast and Canada.

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