How to Change the Game with the Right Print Technology

Posted August 2016

Right Print Technology

Change the Game with the Right Print Technology

MGX Copy is based out of San Diego, but the online company serves customers all around the country, providing a wide range of applications. These include variable data printing, direct mail, booklet printing, catalog printing, magazine printing, postcard printing, brochure printing, mailing services, fulfillment, and custom business solutions. All of that makes for a fairly broad customer base, but Lawrence Chou, MGX’s CEO, says the secret to pleasing all of his customers is simple: speed, quality, and service.

The right tools for the job
When Chou first set out to establish and grow his business, he knew he needed fast, reliable, high-quality printers. Being a successful on-demand printer in an on-demand world means working under extremely tight deadlines and juggling multiple deadlines. This balancing act depends not only on advanced technologies, but also on productivity enhancements.

Chou shopped around, but ultimately chose the partner who worked closely with him to address his specific needs, as MGX does with its own customers. With the addition of a powerful new platform, MGX was ready to take on anything.

The technology helped MGX improve its already-stellar turnaround times, enhance the quality of its applications, and provide incredible paper flexibility, which helped fuel the creative department’s creativity.

MGX saw that its choice in technology grew revenues, strengthened customer relationships and boosted its overall productivity.

Gaining ground fast
Chou runs a results-oriented company, so much so that it has experienced 580 percent growth in the past few years. That astounding figure is a direct result of MGX’s dedication to delivering game-changing campaigns under tight deadlines with a strong focus on customer relationships, as well as investments that boosted productivity to make such growth a reality.

The strong customer relationships that MGX fosters has a direct impact on their team’s ability to identify the right application for each job. By treating customer relationships as a dialogue, MGX keeps customers happy – and coming back.

Focusing on tools that will help staff become more efficient and productive is not only crucial for customer growth, but also for employee growth in today’s new world of work. This focus comes back to information mobility. In fact, according to research from IDC commissioned by Ricoh, 28 percent of respondents said information mobility technology and practices led to a 21-50 percent increase in employee satisfaction. Combining that growth figure with MGX’s exponential revenue growth is a recipe for success.

Interested in learning more? Read further about MGX Copy and its growth here.

This post originally appeared on, authored by Ricoh USA’s John Fulena.

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