Introducing the First MFP with Erasable Toner

Posted October 2013

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TGI is excited to introduce Toshiba’s latest multifunction device, the e-STUDIO306LP and RD30. It is the first MFP to incorporate a unique erasable toner! This enables the output to be erased and re-used multiple times. By reducing paper consumption, you help reduce solid waste streams and air and water pollutants. Not to mention, printing costs are a large expenditure for many businesses. Add to that environmental and security concerns and you have the three driving forces behind Toshiba’s e-STUDIO306LP and e-STUDIORD30.

Wondering how the magic happens? The e-STUDIO306LD’s smaller counterpart, RD30, “de-colorizes” the output by applying a heat to the thermally sensitive toner causing the color to disappear. There is no waste toner collection, or removal of the toner, as it is simply erased.

The e-STUDIORD30 does much more. Before applying the heat, it has the ability to scan the output to file via network or USB drive for archiving. The output is scanned again afterwards to ensure all content is erased. Reusable paper is returned to the upper of two paper collection bins, while the bottom bin is for paper that could not be fully erased, such as copies marked-up with pen or pencil, so this paper can be recycled conventionally. Impressed yet?

We would like to think that Toshiba made this MFP just for TGI. It aligns perfectly with our Value Propositions, specifically our Green Initiatives and Security Solutions.

Watch the video introduction for the new Toshiba e-STUDIO306LP & e-STUIDIORD30!

Learn more about the machine details here. If you are interested in finding out more information TGI would be happy to help. Contact a TGI representative today by calling 1-866-468-4462 or get in touch online.

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