Is Your Copier Secure?

Posted May 2014

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Unauthorized use of your office equipment could not only cost you money, but could also lead to breaches in data security.

A copier/printer installed on your network acts a lot like a PC or a laptop device and many of them are granted Internet access. Would you want an unauthorized user surfing the Internet with a company PC?

TGI can help you secure your copier/printers in many ways, from simple 4-digit access codes to complex card-authentication devices linked back to Active Directory. Through TGI’s control safeguards, companies can prevent unauthorized use. By using PIN codes or proximity cards, authorized users are able to print sensitive documents confidentially and release print jobs on any device anywhere across the organizations using “Secure Pull Print” technology.

TGI takes security threats seriously and has taken a leading role in educating our customers to the security threat that may exist in their organization. To protect against security breaches, we provide our clients with tools to increase transparency, while at the same time securing access and use of critical data. We can help them understand the complex path to securing their information. We’ll analyze and assess security for your devices, access to those devices, and documents. Then, we’ll help you implement that plan so you can rest assured your business will be safe and secure.

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To learn more about TGI’s security solutions click here.

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