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Posted April 2015

IT Services

TGI is now formally offering IT Services. We have partnered with Contango, a Managed Service Provider to bring our clients around-the-clock IT services at whatever level of support you need.

What makes Contango different than other Managed IT Service providers?
Since 2008, most IT companies have transitioned their business model to become “Managed Service Providers” (MSP). They charge a flat monthly fee for monitoring, patching, remote access and anti-virus. You should never pay a premium or monthly fees for these services. On most MSP contracts, the fine print mentions that onsite service and Tier 2 service will be charged additionally.

Contango saw this as a problem and wanted to position themselves differently. Contago has a more fiduciary approach to IT, where they always do what’s best for the client. They do not charge monthly fees. They offer all of the benefits of a Managed Service contract, like monitoring, but don’t charge monthly. They don’t markup or resell products, i.e. firewalls, routers, etc. Your internal IT team wouldn’t markup a router. Why would Contango? Contago has a custom Portal for each client. They are able to view all pertinent information related to their account; the service preformed, the technician who worked on it, when they did it, the service Tier, etc.  Each item is tracked in 15-minute increments for full transparency and accountability.The portal also shows license keys, care packs, warranties, inventory spreadsheets, IP addresses, etc. Each client has access to their custom Portal 24/7.

Contango has been a pioneer in Cloud Computing. This solution is an excellent way to save money and increase productivity as well as make your company’s data easily accessible. Contango is currently on the Dropbox Partners homepage. They have taken part in events with Google and Rackspace. When hurricane Sandy hit, Contango customers didn’t experience a second of downtime. The servers that were in the cloud, never skipped a beat. You can continue working from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Levels of Support & Service Offerings:

Small Business Essentials

  • File System/Server
  • Email System
  • Contact Manager
  • Anti-Virus/Spyware
  • Backup
  • Internet/Firewall
  • Internet Service Providers
  • PC and Server Hardware

Tier 1 Basic Helpdesk Workstation Support

  • All Windows Operating Systems
  • Optimization of Workstations – Local Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Solutions
  • PC Peripheral Installation, Testing and Maintenance
  • PC Troubleshooting and Recommendations

Tier 2 Network Service and Support

  • Server Operating Systems
  • Network Troubleshooting- Needs Assessment, Project Scope and Recommendations
  • Amazon EC2/S3 Install, Setup and/or Migration
  • Network Preservation Maintenance Visits
  • Anti-Virus and Backup Solutions for the Network
  • Wireless Devices and Networking Configurations
  • Workstation Imaging, Desktop and/or Server Management Solutions
  • Dropbox for Business and Google Apps Setup and/or Migration
  • CRM Consulting- Implementation, Customization and Support
  • Mac Desktop Service/Support
  • Website Maintenance
  • One-on-one Training

Tier 3 High-End Consulting Services

  • Advanced WAN/VPN Design and Consulting
  • Novell, SUSE Linux, Mac Servicer OS, Cisco, Citrix and VMware Solutions

Custom Programing and Web Development
Websites, Portals, E-Commerce, Advanced Excel Creation, Custom Macros, Custom Reports, Custom Programming

Data Voice Cost-Savings Consulting – Complimentary

Would you simply like to outsource your workstation support so your IT team can focus on larger projects? Are you interested in assistance with a single IT project? TGI & Contango can help with any IT need you may have. Click here to contact a TGI representative today with any questions you may have.

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