Maintaining a Client’s Confidence is Just as Important as Acquiring the Client

Posted November 2021

Maintaining a Client’s Confidence

At TGI, we still believe in the very same founding principle we started with half a century ago: Maintaining a Client’s Confidence is our most important asset. We are thrilled when our customers take the time to share their experiences with us.

This customer’s sincere letter was an honor to receive:

Thanks to TGI, St. Martha’s office is finally operating on a more proficient and professional level. Cynthia Giammarino is an outstanding representative of TGI. She is not a pushy sales person. Cynthia naturally “thinks outside of the box.” I do believe she relies on her intuitiveness when interacting with us. What is very important is that she listens.

On December 12, 2018, Cynthia invited myself and a friend to our first Islander’s game; and it was at your headquarters in Brooklyn, I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Sprance, who gave us a very short but appealing presentation on the information/network aspect of TGI. I actually wanted to hear much more (maybe it was the Brooklyn accent.) Our pastor was impressed with the little bit of information I picked up from Robert. A short time after, a meeting was scheduled with me, Fr. Chris and Robert. Robert explained, in detail, everything regarding the network services TGI would be offering St. Martha. There was no rush or push for us to move forward, which is quite refreshing (I meet salespeople all day long.)

As a result of that brief encounter with Robert, I got to meet Daniel Gearity. Daniel has been the most patient and responsive tech I’ve ever met. He is always available period. That is priceless. The Help Desk has earned it’s pay many times over, because they have assisted me with several issues that took close to two hours to resolve. Yet, no one ended the chat until the problem was thoroughly resolved.

Please accept my gratitude and that of Fr. Chris and all of us here, who benefit from the highest level of service TGI continues to provide. It is not easy for an outside vendor to solicit services to churches in our Diocese, and that is because the Diocese of Rockville Centre has a small selection number of vendors they recommend to the pastors, although the pastors do have autonomy in choosing an outside vendor.

Thank you for everything that has transpired between us. What a great way to begin the year! Maintaining a client’s confidence is just as important as acquiring the client. TGI is a fairly large company, but you have not lost sight of how important maintaining client confidence is! It is because of this that we will continue on this road together, while building a sustainable administrative center for this parish, for years to come. If anyone from any of the other parishes asks me to recommend a company for copiers and/or network solutions, I will recommend TGI and it will not be difficult to explain why.

Cheryl Nicholson
Saint Marth Roman Catholic Church
Uniondale, New York

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