Microsoft 365 Data Protection for your Business

Posted January 2024

iPower Technologies and Acronis invite you to join us as we discuss the need for reliable, comprehensive Microsoft 365 backup protection. Many business owners are operating under a dangerous misconception — that Microsoft provides complete data protection for Microsoft 365 applications. The reality is that Microsoft is responsible for protecting their infrastructure, but they are not responsible for protecting your data.

Tuesday February 27
11:00-11:45 am EST

We will be doing a drawing for an iPad! Register and attend for a chance to win!

Why do Microsoft 365 applications and data need protection?
Over one million businesses rely on Microsoft 365 for email, virtual meetings, file-sharing, and team collaboration. What many businesses don’t know is that Microsoft doesn’t provide complete data protection against common data loss issues. Acronis provides the following services to keep you business up and running:

  • Exchange Online- Protect emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailboxes and calendars.
  • OneDrive for Business- Safeguard files and folders including all access permissions, if necessary.
  • SharePoint Online- Secure site collections, team sites, communication sites and all of your access permissions settings.
  • Teams- Protect Microsoft Teams data, including entire teams, channels, files, mailbox, email folders and messages, meetings, and team sites.

The benefits of backup and recovery services
Your data is critical to business operations, but it is also a digital currency if it falls into the wrong hands. We will keep your data safe and continually monitor your environment to ensure that unexpected natural events or security incidents do not jeopardize the integrity of your data. Other benefits of backup and recovery services include:

  • Avoid data loss – Prevent data loss from user error, intentional and unintentional file deletion and from ransomware attacks.
  • Stay compliant- Ensure regulatory compliance by keeping all of your data secure, recoverable and protected. All day, every day.
  • Ensure business continuity- Reduce costly recovery times and ensure your business keeps running with the fastest granular restore in place.

To learn more join us February 27 on the webinar or reach out to an iPower representative for more information.

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