Monitor & Manage Print Policies with TGI Control

Posted October 2014

TGI Control

TGI Control the easy way to automatically monitor and manage printing in your organization, giving you control over your costs and environmental impact.

Today’s multi-function devices (MFDs) are smarter. They have touch screens and the ability to run  embedded software directly on the device. TGI Control, a print management software, is able to track off-the- glass usage – copy, fax and scan. It is vendor agnostic, which means you can use it on a Toshiba, Lanier,  Lexmark, etc.

The software intercepts print jobs on the print server and analyzes them, applying rules to enforce your print policies. For example, you can:

  • Limit authorized and prevent unauthorized use of color copies/prints
  • Prevent printing of emails
  • Automatically set large jobs to be duplexed
  • Require PIN Identification codes to be entered when printing sensitive documents to ensure confidentiality
  • Release the print job on any device anywhere across the organization, regardless of which device your normally print to
  • Easily and accurately bill back your clients for usage
  • Print reports which can be integrated with most accounting systems, allowing for seamless billing

The software is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from schools to engineering, graphic design, architectural, and accounting firms to advertising, legal and IT. By implementing this safeguard, you’ll always have complete control and understanding of your copying and printing volumes.

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