Nine reasons why you need to back up your Microsoft 365

Posted February 2024

iPower Technologies and Acronis invite you to join us as we discuss the need for reliable, comprehensive Microsoft 365 backup protection. It is important to note that this platform does not provide out-of-the box backup and data recovery solutions. With the increase in frequency and severity of cyberattacks — especially ransomware — businesses face the real risk of unplanned downtime and potentially devastating data loss.

Tuesday, February 27
11:00-11:45 AM

Your Microsoft 365 environment may be more vulnerable than you think. Here are nine reasons why you need a better backup and data protection solution for Microsoft 365.

  1. Accidental data deletion
    IT teams and even individual users may delete various OneDrive documents or emails with large attachments — especially if they seem to be old or no longer relevant. Without an effective backup solution, these steps can be permanent — presenting a real challenge if they need this data in the future.
  2. Mismanaging duplicate files
    Most companies create a high number of duplicate files as part of their normal collaboration process. Yet when they attempt to delete earlier versions or true duplicates, they may accidently remove the wrong files.
  3. Malicious actions
    While rare, it is possible that unhappy employees may sabotage or delete critical files, and by the time the damage is discovered, it may be too late to recover them.
  4. Phishing and ransomware attacks
    Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and are developing more realistic emails that may trick unsuspecting employees. All it takes is a single click for them to gain access to either exfiltrate data or hold it hostage as part of a ransomware attack.
  5. Limited storage and/or email retention
    When employees leave, IT administrators should back up Microsoft 365 data and reuse the license. Yet this doesn’t always happen, leading to the potential for even more lost data.
  6. Third-party application illicit consent attacks
    Third-party applications may lead to illicit consent grant attacks that can steal valuable data.
  7. Lost or stolen devices
    Many companies — especially small to medium-sized businesses — allow employees to use their own devices. While this model saves money and makes things easier for employees, it can lead to data issues if the devices are lost or stolen.
  8. Employees overwriting data
    Accidents happen. But in the case of employees overwriting vital data, these accidents can result in real issues for the company — especially if it has no way to restore business-critical data.
  9. Limited backup features and capabilities
    While there are ways to back up Microsoft Outlook emails and other Microsoft 365 data, these processes still tend to be time consuming and tedious — not ideal for busy MSPs or IT professionals.

With iPower Technologies and Acronis we deliver fast, easy and effective backup and data protection solutions for Microsoft 365. Contact us today for more information. 

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