NYC Non-Profit Accounts Payable & Purchasing Departments Optimized

Posted November 2016

Non-Profit Accounts Payable

NYC Non-Profit Accounts Payable: Like for-profit companies, nonprofits are under pressure to reduce operating costs to focus on their core missions.

Rob Sprance, Senior Sales Engineer at TGI Office Automation, was recently interviewed by DocuWare about implementing document management solutions at a large nonprofit that manages a network of housing, social service and healthcare organizations in New York City.

How did you know that this nonprofit was in need of Document Management tools?
This nonprofit was an existing customer for almost three years, specifically using TGI’s MFPs (multi-function printers.) When it made sense for the client and TGI to consider upgrading their hardware, my equipment sales representative identified a document management opportunity during a routine business conversation. I was then engaged to further qualify and identify the best solution.

What business problem did you solve?
The organization offers health, social, and housing services at many locations throughout the Bronx. DocuWare has implemented in their Accounts Payable and Purchasing departments. Before DocuWare, packets of invoices were sent to their Accounts Payable department by FEDEX or by courier. Then the invoices were coded manually. There was no visibility. You couldn’t tell if an invoice was approved. Their new process uses Intelligent Indexing and DocuWare Workflow for automation with email notifications sent at each step of the process.
In the Purchasing department, they used an Excel spreadsheet to make a request and emailed it to the Purchasing Director who saved it to a network drive. If a Purchase Order was submitted there was no way to know if a Purchase Order had been approved or if an item had been ordered. Using DocuWare’s ability to store documents in a native format, the organization still uses a request form in Excel format. However, now the information feeds into Docuware and becomes part of an automated workflow.

What made the nonprofit move forward with TGI’s proposed solution?
They were really impressed by Intelligent Indexing and its ability to reduce key strokes and virtually eliminate manual indexing. DocuWare’s flexibility was also important to them because the software easily addresses each department’s specific needs. Because TGI took the time to address all of their concerns and challenges throughout the process, the customer felt incredibly confident in our ability to implement the system and smoothly transition their large user base.

Are there plans to expand to other departments?
We always assure our customers that when we implement DocuWare in one department, they will always have the foundation to expand to other departments with very little extra cost. This has given them to confidence to begin transitioning the HR department in the next phase.

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