Protect Remote Workers from O365 and G Suite Cloud Data Loss

Posted September 2020

Protect Remote Workers with TGI Services

Protect Remote Workers from O365 and G Suite Cloud Data Loss:

Small and medium-sized businesses around the globe are facing many challenges as they manage an abrupt shift to remote work. This has caused a surge in the use of cloud collaboration apps. Microsoft Office 365 Teams gained more than 12 million daily users in a week – up 37.5 percent – and then suffered an outage due to the rapid rise in demand. In adjusting to a completely remote, digital workforce, businesses need tools to augment their capacity to handle new compliance, security, and data loss risks. While Office 365 and G Suite may make collaboration more efficient, data protection and management remain challenging. To address that challenge, teams need a failsafe for this growing dataset in the cloud, and TGI has a SaaS Protection Solution that can help.

Office 365 and G Suite Data are not Automatically Protected.

SaaS data is not immune to permanent data loss. Both Microsoft and Google make no guarantees when it comes to restoring deleted data, whether it’s inadvertent human error or a malicious ransomware attack. In addition, the move to work-from-home triggered a wave of new cyber attacks.

Protected Services:

Office 365
• Exchange
• OneDrive
• SharePoint
• Teams

G Suite
• Gmail
• Calendar
• Contacts
• Shared Drives

Reduce Business Risk with SaaS Protection

An independent backup separate from the SaaS app is necessary to avoid the most common pitfalls of data loss. Setup, backup, and recovery can all be done remotely, ensuring teams can protect and manage data easily.

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