Remote MFP Operation

Posted July 2024

Toshiba USA eConnect TouchFree offers a modern solution for shared printer usage. By transforming mobile devices into secure remote controls, it enables contactless operation of multifunction printers. This capability promotes remote operation and aides in productivity in collaborative spaces.

eConnect TouchFree mirrors the user interface of the e-STUDIO on a mobile device and delivers the identical functionality as the system’s front panel. By leveraging Virtual Network Computer (VNC) technology, users can access any installed Toshiba application including Elevate, the company’s customizable user interface, enabling individual employees and entire departments to automate routine workflow.

Toshiba’s eConnect TouchFree enables smartphone or tablet users the ability to fully control all e-STUDIO MFP walk-up functions without the need to touch the device. The mobile app enables users to authenticate and connect with third-party solutions as they would do so at the MFP’s front panel.

eConnect TouchFree works in just four easy steps:

  • Download the free the app from the Google Play™ store or Apple® App store.
  • Access the network hosting the e-STUDIO MFP.
  • Launch eConnect TouchFree on the mobile device to open a QR code reader.
  • Scan the MFP QR code conveniently located on the device, or manually enter the system IP address and VNC password into the app.

Users can now operate the e-STUDIO MFP from a mobile device as if they were directly touching the front panel. The eConnect TouchFree mobile app is compatible with all Toshiba Office Collection e‑STUDIO systems.

“Our latest mobile app offers organizations a completely intuitive and touchless option for managing their print, scan, copy and workflow applications,” said Toshiba America Business Solutions Vice President of Marketing Bill Melo. “eConnect TouchFree now affords each employee the capability to operate the MFP from the comfort of their own phone or tablet device.”

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