Ricoh Selects TGI to Attend First-Ever Production Dealer Committee Event

Posted September 2015

Production Dealer Committee event

Ricoh Selects TGI to Attend First-Ever Production Dealer Committee Event

The first-ever Ricoh’s Production Dealer Committee event was held at the Ricoh Customer Innovation Center (CIC) in Boulder, Colorado August 11-13, 2015. The event focused on Production related trends, solutions, and initiatives.

Ricoh invited specialists from 8 Production Dealers, hand-picked, for this Production Committee to serve as ambassadors to the entire Ricoh Production Dealer Family. TGI was honored to be one of the chosen dealers. Kenyon H. Gardner, TGI’s Director of Business Development, joined other high level individuals such as Production Directors, Production Sales Managers, Vice Presidents of Sales as well as Owners/Presidents. Since there were many different roles among the participants they were able to share countless suggestions and impactful feedback.

This event was built on the spirit and success of the recent Convergence meeting where they proved that when we collaborate, we succeed. Ricoh’s goal is to provide a positive energy where the attendees can share successes and continue to grow together.

The selected specialists were asked to take an active role, not just sitting back and listening, but participating and contributing. They were asked to share success stories, best practices, and challenges as well as provide feedback on ways Ricoh can improve and grow the overall Production Dealer Channel Program.

Visitors of Ricoh’s Boulder Customer Innovation Center experience the solutions hands-on and benefit from one-on-one consultations. The specialists saw all of the highlights the full spectrum of Ricoh’s Production Print offerings. Ricoh shared the latest updates on key Production information, but their goal was to listen to the specialists’ feedback in order to continuing to improve their production offering.

The Production Dealer Committee will reconvene to continue the progress established. This event was not just about the 8 Production Dealers in attendance, but rather, all of the Production Dealers across the US. The findings of the event will be shared to help grow the success of all Dealers.

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