Secure Online Document Storage

In times when cloud storage services are increasingly popular, it’s time to think about your storage space and rethink the way you keep your documents. An online document storage solution is a concept worth embracing and a model that allows you to securely access files with instant mobile access or log in from a desktop app.

Just as most documents aren’t physical and paper-based anymore, you need a solution that makes it easy to manage and store them safely. Regardless of your industry, the number of employees, or the specific types of clients, a storage solution can help you work more effectively and manage your data more efficiently.

Now is the right time to say goodbye to paper-based documentation and move to cloud storage. With secure document storage, you will rely on cloud technology and get password-protected client portals, storage for data backups, and security around the clock. At TGI, we offer reliable storage solutions with end-to-end encryption that will solve your file storage issues, allowing secure file sharing, collaboration features, and much more.

Printing Device Security

100% Secure Cloud Storage Solutions

The explosion of information makes it essential for companies to adopt strategies for managing their data. If you’ve thought about coming up with a document storage solution but haven’t gotten to it yet, you’re not alone.

You are in the right place if you need a secure online document storage solution. Your cloud files are safe with regular cloud storage options, but compliance with your customer’s security requirements is challenging. This is where online document storage is a perfect concept for revolutionizing your document intake. With it, you can safely store files in dedicated areas without any worries.

In other words, you can share files to the cloud and safely keep your business documents online. You can also give your clients the reassurance they need knowing that your process is safe, effective, and streamlined for a healthy and fruitful business relationship.

B2B Cloud Storage Services

A B2B storage solution for your online documents provides many benefits, including speed and efficiency at its core and compliance with all data privacy and security requirements. You can automate the process and comply with all applicable regulations, whether it’s for your data intake, sharing, file versioning, and storage practices.

Some of the top features include:

  • Easy uploading: You can finally save time with faster and more convenient file uploading and even multiple files simultaneously with drag-and-drop.

  • Share with confidence: Your online document storage solution allows you to share files confidently, collaborate, and communicate.
  • Excellent file-sharing features: You can designate access to certain individuals, send your teammates links to specific documents, and set up expiration times.
  • File syncing: When editing or uploading a file on a device, it will sync to all other devices.
  • Data redundancy: Your data is stored in multiple locations, so even if one of the data centers collapses, it will be managed by the other centers, allowing for maximum safety and seamless supervision.
  • Cost-effective: Cloud file storage doesn’t need to be expensive – it will cost you nothing compared to the security you will get over your files.
  • Built-in client portal: A B2B solution like this also comes with its dedicated client portal, helping you share files with the right people (employees, clients, vendors) and create specific logins or set up individual permissions for accessing, managing, and/or editing files.

B2B Cloud Solutions

Our B2B cloud storage solutions offer plenty of security features. File sharing is easy, and you control who can access the file. You can automatically save your work and access files from any desktop or mobile device. These features are everything you need to streamline your workflow, ramp up your productivity and keep all your data secure and in compliance.

Maximize Your Storage Space

When a lack of formalized processes usually leads to clutter, takes up much of your online space, and makes it difficult to search for documents, we present a document storage solution that streamlines all of these processes. You can safely keep your records online and maximize your storage.

If you are concerned about information safety, know that our online document storage solution gives you maximum convenience plus a much higher level of privacy and security than many free alternatives such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and so on.

Secure Online Document Storage

Not only safe and secure, but this concept is also cost-effective. Without it, you would constantly be spending money on on-premises storage, whether through purchases or just maintenance, not to mention the manpower required to run these processes.

How Our Solutions Help Others

At TGI, we have helped many organizations, including our own, streamline internal business processes enabling decisions to be made more quickly and accurately.

The results? Lower costs, improved efficiency, and, best of all, happier customers. When putting your documents in the cloud, you have the following options:

  • Public vs. private cloud
  • Secure file transfer from your multi-function printer (MFP)

On top of it, you can retrieve your documents from anywhere, whether you prefer mobile apps or web browser access.
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