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Today’s environmentally friendly printing companies use what’s known as green printing methods, or a combination of practices known for their reduced carbon footprint. So, practices such as environmentally friendly printing (with eco-friendly inks) and using vegetable-based inks such as soy or flax ink or recycled paper are some of the most sustainable sources that can be more cost-effective than traditional practices.

If you need online printing services, a green printing company can be the best choice you have ever made. This eco-friendly option can improve your brand image and set you apart from your competition. Whether you are a small business owner or manage a large corporation, you can rely on us for all your environmentally friendly printing needs.

At TGI, we pride ourselves on green printing that produces fewer emissions and has fewer toxic chemicals. This form of digital printing ensures the same print quality. We use renewable energy resources to print green and are proud to be among the few companies that exclusively use green printing methods and recycled materials.


The #1 Eco-Friendly Printing Company

As a leading technology provider, TGI understands that we are responsible for protecting the environment. Therefore, we’re constantly implementing new green practices internally and educating our clients on reducing their environmental footprint. We’re focused on balancing business printing needs and preserving our natural resources.

At TGI, we take green initiatives seriously. In our industry, environmental sustainability reduces negative environmental impact by lowering energy consumption whenever possible. Our hardware, software, and services help our customers use less energy. TGI’s commitment to caring for our planet began more than three decades ago. Today, sustainability is woven into every aspect of our business.


We’ve worked hard over the last decade to become as environmentally efficient as possible internally, and we’ve also leveraged that expertise to help reduce our client’s carbon footprint. We provide a wide array of environmental services, from equipment and toner recycling programs to software that reports on environmental impact based on usage.

More people are concerned about the environmental impact of products they buy nowadays. Everyone wants a greener future with fewer chemicals in all processes, from human rights abuses to water pollution. A change like this starts with the local communities, and in our case, all companies that want an eco-friendly print product that eliminates things like tree cutting, tree pulp, processing, and so on. With TGI, you can protect your company’s environmental goals and become a leader in your respective industry.

Your Go-To Green Printing Supplier

Whether you are a qualified non-profit, a solopreneur, or a medium-sized company, we are here to bring you closer to sustainable printing and offer a green alternative for your printing needs. We use recycled paper, green ink, and quality products to print out papers, brochures, and other materials for your business.

Sustainable Printing

As recycled paper quality increased over the years, costs dropped. Customers are now choosing green printing methods to save the environment. Businesses aware of the heavy cutting of forests in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, the use of hydrogen fuel, and many other things affecting the carbon footprint can now choose eco-friendly inks and green printers to make the world a better place.

At TGI, we are your green printing company and the first choice for saving the environment. You can make a huge difference with us and stop the polluting process. Whether it’s your next set of documents, brochures, or greeting cards, you can replace conventional printing methods with recycled paper and soy-based inks, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and choosing environmentally friendly digital printing.


Why Tree Free Paper Matters

Did you know that around 70% of the trees used to make paper come from forests? Illegal logging has destroyed 80% of the world’s forests, too. Green printing is committed to using 100% recycled paper to reduce solid waste and save trees.

Printing is a process that emits a lot of greenhouse emissions. That, coupled with endangered forests, is enough to tell us that we need more sustainable printing methods. At TGI, we are an eco-friendly printing company that aims to protect biodiverse forests. Our focus is printing services, methods that save the environment, and the use of tree-free paper, soy-based inks, petroleum-based inks, and so on.

Tree-free paper is a popular term in the paper industry – an alternative to conventional paper that is eco-friendly and sustainable. When the demand for paper products is still high, creating options for paper consumption and saving trees is essential. You probably heard about paper reaching unsustainable levels, which is why the eco-friendly tree-free paper is the perfect alternative to saving trees and keeping a well-managed forest.

If you are trying to find helpful information about the tree-free paper, know that the sources behind tree-free paper include agriculture, fiber crops, wild plants, textiles, and cordage wastes. There are also non-fiber sources, including calcium carbonate bound by non-toxic chemicals.

100% of the equipment TGI provides is 2007 Energy Star-compliant. In addition, all equipment is manufactured in ISO 14001-certified (zero-waste-to-landfill) facilities, all of which are certified in ISO 9000 (Quality Management). When we first deliver equipment, we educate the users and configure the equipment to provide maximum energy efficiency through sleep modes and auto-on/off-timers.

The toner used in the equipment is PxP, a polymerized resin. It requires 35% less energy to manufacture than conventional toners and requires a lower fusing temperature, meaning that the equipment warms up faster and uses less power to operate.

Zero Waste & Recycled Paper: Print Green With TGI

When a TGI device reaches end-of-life, we’ll provide de-manufacturing services to ensure that nothing ends up as waste. We also break down any unusable equipment into metal and plastic, recycling everything possible.

Our printers make the world a better place. Place an order for a free sample kit, and we will send you examples of our quality products. Our free sample kit contains various samples and other information to get you started with green printing.

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