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Printer Device Management

The ever-changing print landscape has evolved within the digital landscape. Nowadays, best practices for print device management call for an approach that stretches beyond standard inventory management and keeping track of toner and supplies.

At TGI, we pride ourselves on our flexible print device management solutions. We are here to improve your print environment, ensuring device availability and optimizing your infrastructure with a print management solution that gives you a better total cost of ownership and a more robust workflow. You can rest assured of having a secure and streamlined solution for mobile printing and saving a lot on printing costs in the future.


Our team can help you optimize your business printing and eliminate unneeded print devices. We are experts in device configuration and usage, whether you have a couple or multiple printers in your workplace. Businesses of different sizes use our print management solutions, and the goal is always the same – to achieve the desired outcomes and deliver a positive customer and employee experience.

Print Management Software

As you probably know, print management involves many aspects of business printing, starting from the processes involved in connecting the printer hardware to document management and print volumes. On print-enabled devices, the software is used to configure multiple devices, ensure compatibility, and deliver a secure printing and scanning experience. With our team at TGI, you can get scalable solutions to grow your business and get complete control of your print environment.

With our print management solutions, you will not only manage your print devices and automate processes – you will remove print queues and see how our custom solutions result in seamless workflows. All of this means decreased overhead costs and simplified processes. In large organizations, this means automatic management of all deployments and driver updates, allowing you to focus on higher-value IT tasks that help you with your digital transformation.

Tracking, Controlling Output & Billing Back

Print management brings a lot of benefits to various groups within and around the organization. For end users, it means fast and error-free printing. for system administrators, it saves time by reducing overhead, bandwidth issues, and other mundane tasks. For organizations and large enterprise IT environments, it can transform complex networks, help manage multiple devices and services, support the team in charge, and improve decision-making.

In addition, print management is a service that increases end-user satisfaction with easy print identification, control panel customization, and a secure and stable environment. You can maximize your organization’s efficiency and give customers the precise products or solutions they need.

Mobile Printing, Limit or disable your network printing

Device Management And Deployment

Our device management tools can automate your status reports. You can finally expand your visibility and get more insight into using reliable and scalable solutions. For instance, you can maximize your uptime and configure multiple machines simultaneously. In addition, managing various print jobs by parameters can help legal departments ensure that all documents meet legal standards.


With advanced print management solutions, you will have a team that will manage your business printers and access information to help automate all your processes and ensure proper device connectivity. Our team of experts will manage your IT environment, whether it’s Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Azure, an RDS, a workstation, or a hybrid one. Our software enables administrators to manage a network of printers, easily handle the printing of documents, control print queues, and control many other services from a single easy-to-use console.

With our device management services, you will get complete control over your print environment. We are here to bring increased visibility to your printing and scanning fleet, help improve your efficiency and minimize downtime. Our device management systems are designed to provide better customer experiences.

Our print management software solutions enable system administrators to remove driver management in minutes, implementing efficient workflows at scale. We can work on custom solutions and enable you to drag and drop assignments to users, assigning based on integrations with an active directory. You will be able to see your entire fleet better, minimizing downtime while providing an overall better customer experience.

We'll Help Your Print Environment Work Smoothly

Most organizations handle printer issues reactively, causing headaches, lost productivity, and missed deadlines. IT departments’ involvement in handling printer fleets is increasing, resulting in significant technology initiatives being put on hold because a down printer is unacceptable.

With TGI’s GPS Program, we take the burden off your shoulders so you can get back to work. We use a specialized software suite to monitor your entire printer fleet, keeping track of toner levels, service alerts, maintenance issues, and usage. With this information, we can proactively make changes, deliver toner or send a technician—all before you know there’s an issue.

We do our job, so you can keep doing yours. Our print management can support any legal department or firm by cutting down your printing costs, supporting your document management, and promoting confidentiality across the entire organization. You will immediately see how you can take control of your business and forget many aspects of printing, eliminating time spent on manual tasks so you can focus on what matters.

Secure your printing ports

Let Us Improve Your Business Operations

System administrators need an immediate solution to their print data and device management security. If you are in that group of users, we have developed features that control printers and printing across your organization.

No matter your industry, you can now create an opportunity and get on-site help with your printing. We are here to make the most of your data, reducing overhead for admin and service desk members. Print management software is a user-friendly solution to lower operational costs and enables secure printing.

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