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MPS Ready Printers

Managed print services aim to bring maximum visibility, control, and management into any printer fleet. In today’s competitive business landscape, MPS print services are the bridge to a better print infrastructure. With this service, you are connecting all of your devices and solutions in a group that works in harmony to help the IT department bring efficiency to their workflow measurements.

If you are new to this topic and don’t understand it, MPS refers to the management of printers and all that it comprises of. From everyday use to supply ordering and maintenance, MPS can design, develop, and track your printer fleets, whether they are present in one physical location or distributed across the state or country.

Our Managed Print Services (MPS) are essentially professional services that can support your business.

There are numerous benefits to a managed print service, such as:

  • Compliance with regulatory standards
  • Increased cost savings
  • A unified print environment
  • Synchronization in the workplace (especially vital with remote workers, etc.)
  • Tighter document and data security
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower total cost
  • In line with environmental initiatives

Did you know that most organizations spend 3% to 4% of their annual revenue on printing? Many businesses need support when it comes to their paper and ink. TGI gives you the answer to a more optimized workflow. Our managed print services can bring a lot of improvements to your business, not only your machines, and help you get rid of the burden associated with printing. Now, your employees can finally focus on what’s important and not get involved with all the details associated with printing.

Why Choose Managed Print Services (MPS)

At TGI, we take a different approach to MPS. We believe today’s print environment needs to align with your business goals. Our experts know how to design a strategy that meets your supply needs. We will analyze your document processing environment, considering your devices, resources, network features, printers, etc.

DRM (Digital Rights Management)

We are here to assess your existing print environment, uncovering potential opportunities to align with your goals. Next, we will develop a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your goals: add a new printer, optimize your printers and copiers, reduce your costs, and so on. Once we identify the challenge and create the plan, we will deploy our solutions efficiently and manage the transition. Our continuous goal is to sustain your goal achievement and commit to our process.

We collaborate with a nationwide network of partners, offering advanced laser printers, MFPs, scanners, copiers, and software solutions. Whether you are a small business or a large company, we will align with your organization and its needs and technology and choose the right size solution for you.

Our MPS Services Solve These Printing Pain Points

Our reliable managed print services solve many common problems and pain points. Let’s look at some of the most common ones.

Printer security

Printer security is first on the list of challenges that can be solved with MPS. For it to be set in place correctly, printers need to be secure and connected to your network. Any unsecured device is a potential hazard, which is where MPS steps in.

With MPS, you can monitor all printers and prevent security breaches. Your MPS provider will get instant notification of potential breaches and respond to a threat as soon as it appears.

The application of printer security assessments, authentication controls to limit access, and constant and automated monitoring of threats is a burden to many. With TGI’s managed print solutions, it can be a technology you are most proud of.

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Uncontrolled print cost

Our team at TGI can assist you with print security and help you optimize your workflow to prevent uncontrolled print costs. Once we have installed the right software, we will analyze the impact of all printers and inspect every aspect related to them.

From supply orders to ongoing maintenance, cost, time of repairs, and timing of potential replacement, we are here to reduce your printing costs and make every printed page worth the ink. We are known to boost productivity in our client’s workplaces but also bring massive device and ink savings of up to 30% based on the specific device.

IT team/individual that hates monitoring printers

Many IT people don’t like dealing with printers and request a quote for HP printers managed services, help with their print speed, paper or ink supply, or just standard printer support. We know how to take care of supplies and bring the best features out of every printer. Also, when most IT teams forget about security, we are here to manage your printers and protect your workplace as a whole.

We will communicate with you to understand your needs and requirements and align them with our action plan. Moreover, our team will determine which machines reside on your network and create an overall strategy for your office point infrastructure. We go to great lengths to manage your printers and create a secure fleet of machines that benefits your organization.

When most IT teams don’t have the time to keep a print environment secure or don’t want to deal with ink, toner, or paper supply, we are here to bring a balance and take all printer-related issues off their plate.

Document Security solutions

Cutting down on waste

Lastly, TGI helps with your printing habits and their impact on the planet. We know how important going green is, and we are here to help optimize your print fleet, cut down on waste, and improve efficiency. All of these have a direct effect on your bottom line.

From ink to toner and paper, we deal with print tracking and use features that tell us how to reduce and monitor your supply usage. Also, features like sleep and wake modes allow us to create cost and energy savings overnight.

Optimize Your Print Infrastructure

Our managed print services aim to fulfill your supply orders and help with your printing while optimizing your costs and bringing better management to every level of your organization. Due to the post-pandemic situation, many businesses are navigating new waters, facing challenges with their printers or managing other devices. This puts pressure on their help desk personnel, decreasing their infrastructure complexity and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). That is where our document processing platform comes to the rescue, bringing streamlined inventory management and giving you managed print services you can rely on.

Secure your printing ports

A Managed Print Service You Can Rely On

TGI’s Green, Print, Save (GPS) Program is a cost-effective, eco-friendly managed print services plan. Every printer that TGI offers is GPS-ready. We provide full service, support, and supplies for all managed printers. They are all easy to use, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

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