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Welcome to a new world of digital printing, where we can see a significantly lower environmental footprint, allowing businesses to be eco-friendly and contribute to producing significantly less waste. We are talking about sustainable printing – a practice that is popular among customers all around the world.

You can expect the highest quality printed products with sustainable digital printing methods. Sustainability is essential nowadays, and at TGI, we contribute to the paper industry by using recycled paper and sustainable printing technologies that support environmentally friendly printing.

As the go-to printing suppliers for many businesses, we allow our clients to choose a green printing method easily – and get their products printed on eco-friendly paper. Let’s look at our green print methods and services below.

Our Green Printing Methods

Are you a business looking for sustainable technology and printing that uses much less power and only green materials?
You can choose any of the following sustainable printing methods that we offer:

1. LED UV Printing

LED UV printing is ideal for booklets, leaflets, brochures, and other promotional materials. It uses ultraviolet light, resulting in an instant drying process. What’s great about it is the more vivid colors and greater clarity. With LED UV printing, you are getting an exceptionally green printing method that reduces CO2 emissions and is known as one of the technologies with the best instant drying processes.

LED UV printing also eliminates the need for a sealing coat or an anti-set-off powder spray.

2. Recycled Paper

Next on our list is what’s known as printing on recyclable paper or recycled paper printing. As you probably know, there are so many choices of paper out there, making it difficult to decide which one is best for you. However, using this paper promotes recycling, an influential environmental practice.

As the paper cycle is shortened, you use recycled paper that is of top quality. However, this paper would also require virgin fibers to maintain their integrity and consistency. Knowing that these fibers deteriorate after a few uses, more recycled paper will always be needed.

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3. Digital Printing

Digital printing is simple – a process that does not require a printing plate. Instead, the ink is placed on the top layer of the substrate, producing less waste than many conventional methods which rely on plates.

Digital printing is ideal for smaller print jobs. The turnaround times are also faster than other methods – some stats show that this technology can complete up to 4,800 sheets within an hour.

4. Carbon Balanced Paper

Another great way to lower your carbon footprint as a company is to invest in carbon balance paper from our green printer. This type of paper is created without CO2, which was somehow offset by the paper sourcing, production, and delivery to the paper mill. Thus, you are contributing to a better future and working with a conscious, eco-friendly printing company.

5. Carbon Balanced Printing Process

Carbon-balanced printing is a process where the entire printing company is committed to less CO2. While these companies are rare, they are unique because they invest in technologies that ensure the CO2 output is reduced, staying away from traditional print drying technology and investing in sustainable methods that are eco-friendly above all. This method is popular among customers looking for greater sustainability in each print job.

6. Foil Printing

Finally, we have foil printing, used for decorative designs fresh from our printer. It goes in line with all eco-friendly digital print methods. Nowadays, many companies offer foil printing solutions that don’t have PVC and use only non-phthalate inks.

Why Sustainable Digital Printing Is Important

There are many ways to create an impact, contribute to the air quality, and make the environment and world a better place. If you use printing for your packaging goods, sustainable materials should be something you welcome to save the planet and protect the trees.

Knowing that printing and packaging still command large markets, the only way to make a lasting impact is to redesign the processes, use best practices regarding eco-friendly printing, and use renewable materials and printers that support this initiative.

The best thing about sustainable printing is that it removes all toxic chemicals, reduces CO2 to an absolute minimum, and practices smaller print runs to get the job done. As such, it is cost-effective to get your products printed without compromising design or aesthetics.

Our Eco-Friendly Printing Company Waits For Your Call

Suppose you want to reduce waste and make your entire company aware of a new environmentally-friendly initiative. In that case, digital printing is one of the ways you can create an impact. At TGI, we pride ourselves on reducing waste by using recycled paper, uncoated paper, eco-friendly inks, and reliable digital printing methods and services that contribute to sustainability.

As a green business, TGI prides itself on being environmentally responsible with all of our services, and we’ve gone to great lengths to limit our impact on the global environment. We also look forward to the opportunity to share those experiences with our clients to help them limit their impact as well.

We do this through our GPS (Green Print Save) Program. By replacing power-hungry devices with power-efficient ones, standardizing toner/paper-saving functions, and proactively managing device power usage, TGI helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

We don’t just do this one time—we provide ongoing best practices and a quarterly Green Report to ensure your organization stays on the path to improvement.

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