TGI and FabSoft Tackle Security in the Legal World

Posted November 2016

TGI and FabSoft Tackle Security in the Legal World

Organization and security are everything in the legal world.
TGI and FabSoft Tackle Security: The legal process can be long and arduous, requiring a significant amount of resources to guide a case towards a positive outcome. Consider the costs of these court proceedings, in addition to the sizable expenses in paper use and labor, legal firms would naturally have a need and appreciation for a cost-cutting, document management solution.

Although reducing operational costs is an important incentive for any client, in the legal realm it is vital for a firm to have in place an archiving system that is accessible, reliable, and 100% secure.

The Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR), was in desperate need of an automated workflow solution. Given the high volume of documentation, and the firm’s existing SharePoint repository, we sought to provide a comprehensive solution that could expedite the archiving process in the most secure way possible.

We developed an ideal hardware infrastructure, which would accent and further strengthen the power of FabSoft’s software solution. After the hardware installation was completed, FabSoft implemented Reform document capture and distribution components, which granted the firm a fast way to upload their sensitive documents onto SharePoint while also maintaining a secure delivery system through the card authentication technology.

With card authentication, only an individual with clearance to access certain documents can proceed to scan or print a file. Also, FabSoft installed the cost-tracking component of Reform, allowing all printing and copying activity to be monitored closely.

Greater efficiency in the workplace.
The faster new documents are indexed and stored within the appropriate SharePoint location, the quicker the CRR legal team can access and use this new information to support their clients in trial. With the Reform software, they were now able to approach any multi-function printer in the office, digitize a physical document, and immediately route it to a specific SharePoint folder, fully indexed.

Marc Faletti, Director of IT for The Center of Reproductive Rights, says, “We were very impressed with FabSoft’s and TGI’s ability to swiftly customize our printers and scanners to work seamlessly within our complex SharePoint environment. Now we can upload documents to the right folders, twice as fast as before.”

In addition, not only was the archival process accelerated, but users could also look through specific folders and select SharePoint files to print right from their MFP screens. Due to this unprecedented degree of document accessibility, CRR’s legal responsiveness has improved significantly, and are able to experience the full potential of their scanning and printing devices through Reform’s workflow enhancements.

Increased document security.
In a legal office environment, private documentation should remain private. With all the daily printing that takes place within a law office, there is always a strong possibility an important file is left behind, and viewed by a person not authorized to access such a file. With Reform’s card authentication system, clearance to view, print, and/or copy a document is bestowed upon an individual via their personal ID card. Now, legal associates at the Center for Reproductive Rights simply swipe their ID card over a laser authenticator, and pull their desired print jobs from any multi-function printer in the office. This way there is a clear record of who printed a document, when, and where.

Better management of print costs.
Print tracking software is best suited for offices with document-intensive processes, and that is certainly the case at the Center for Reproductive Rights. Prior to activating the cost accounting and print tracking features included within Reform, excessive printing was deemed an inevitable side effect of the legal industry, and any efforts to correct this issue were apathetic at best. With FabSoft’s print tracking system, an IT administrator can analyze the monthly costs on copying and printing, and receive detailed reports on these metrics in order to improve the overall print efficiency of the office. Through these reports, CRR was also able to determine which users were printing at a high rate, and could impose print limitations on these specific users if necessary. After a couple months, the Center for Reproductive Rights began seeing real print cost savings.

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