TGI Automates NYFAC

Posted August 2016

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TGI Automates NYFAC

TGI Office Automation recently provided NYFAC with a robust solution to modernize and automate their current business operations and processes.

New York Families for Autistic Children motivates and inspires individuals diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder to live life to the fullest. NYFAC provides support, education, recreational and socialization programs. They design cutting-edge programs that challenge individuals to learn, develop and grow.

TGI looked into NYFAC’s pain points to see how they could make improvements. NYFAC’s case workers had previously filled out forms onsite either manually or off-site later on, causing delays. They were limited to what files they could retrieve while in a child’s home, with no ability to access or view documents. Each child’s case file was stored in paper format or saved in a basic Windows folder structure on the network, which offered limited search capability, security options and naming conventions.

TGI implanted a powerful document management system which simplified storage, indexing and retrieval of all electronic documents. Documents can now be indexed and stored in the system, then sent along the approval process to selected users to enhance NYFAC’s workflow process. They system integrates with Microsoft Outlook allowing emails to be easily and instantly indexed.

TGI recreated all NYFAC’s paper forms to digital fillable forms that case workers can now complete via tablet for instant reporting. That data is then available to NYFAC in the document management system in seconds. The electronic forms can be GeoStamped with the location where the case worker submitted the form.

A complete document history is kept on all documents, allowing NYFAC to quickly see a history of anyone that has viewed, stored, emailed or otherwise interacted with each document. Robust user-level security permissions allow for sensitive documents and file cabinets to be hidden, restricted and only available for interaction if permission is granted.

By implementing TGI’s custom solution, NYFAC not only cut down on filing and processing of paper documents manually, but created a much more efficient process leading to instant child record access, case worker auditing and saved time and money in the process.

TGI offers customized solutions to many businesses across numerous industries. We take an in-depth look at the customer’s processes and make recommendations on how to automate just like we did at NYFAC.

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