TGI Implements a Vital Digital Invoice Process for Logistics Company

Posted July 2019

Digital Invoice Process

TGI Implements a Vital Digital Invoice Process for Logistics Company

Across their 21 key locations, this Logistics company offers the most advanced technology solutions for their customers in the shipping and distribution industries. They are the premier provider of Ocean and Air Container Freight Station, distribution, and transportation services in North America. They offer unmatched experience, exceptional customer service, and precise tracking technology as well as a range of additional logistics services including distribution, warehousing, and reliable transportation within the United States.

The company routes/approves roughly 7,000 – 9,000 invoices per month across 68 stations with multiple approvers/stations on each invoice. There were many late payment invoices due to delayed approvals.

To solve their problem, TGI customized an Accounts Payable process using the DocuWare Workflow Manager with GL Coding and Intelligent Indexing to process, code, and route their high volume of monthly invoices.

The customer was already using DocuWare Document Management Solution to store their import/export documents. They had approached TGI for advice on storing/routing their invoices digitally amongst their locations after they had seen a youtube video about DocuWare Workflow Manager functionality.

Initially TGI’s Solutions Team created a custom AP workflow demonstration using the same routing steps as their paper workflow along with the added functionality for digital routing, searching, reporting, reviewing the status/current state of an invoice and the export invoice data function.

With the DocuWare Accounts Payable process implemented the customer has been able to process, code and route 7,000 – 9,000 invoices per month digitally. This new digital invoice process allowed them to stop waiting on invoice approvals through e-mail or ground mail. Within the workflow, TGI gave them the ability to see which station/approver an invoice is waiting on for approval to cut down on status email and phone calls. Once an invoice was approved by all station managers required, TGI created an export of invoice data to be imported into their ERP system to cut down on manual entry and typos.

TGI is a comprehensive office technology provider. Our family-owned company has been in business since 1964. We provide enterprise solutions with unmatched support. TGI offers copiers, printers, mailing equipment, and document software solutions. With a suite of first-class products, we are able to customize each solution to best fit the customer’s needs. By improving bottom-line profitability through smart, strategic solutions, we help our customers reduce costs and maintain a competitive position.

At TGI, we believe in the very same founding principle we started with over five decades ago: a satisfied customer is our most important asset.

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