TGI Implements Print Management Solution to Prominent Industrial Park

Posted June 2019

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A prominent industrial park in Brooklyn, New York has served as America’s premier shipbuilding facility for over 160 years. This establishment has a nationally acclaimed model of the viability and positive impact of modern, urban industrial development. Now it is home to over 400 businesses employing more than 9,000 people and generating over $2 billion per year in economic impact for the city. They are constantly striving to provide an environment in which businesses and careers can take root and grow. Their goal is to more than double employment – to 17,000 jobs – by 2020.

This establishment recently opened a new building and TGI Office Automation was installing 8 new multifunction devices (MFD) for approximately 300 users. The industrial park’s goal was to keep costs low and to manage the user interactions with the copy/print/scan devices. Security and ease of access was a priority and most importantly they needed the implementation to be seamless.

To address each request, TGI offered PaperCut MF. Papercut MF is an embedded software on an MFD that makes print management easy. It serves as a central hub for all the devices and user activity to provide full print, copy, scan and fax control. A few of the beneficial features are: all activity can be tracked, Find-Me Printing allows you to print to any device, secure print release keeps sensitive documents in the right hands, and swipe card access stops unapproved usage.
TGI’s Solutions Team provided a cost comparison showing an immediate ROI and savings.

With PaperCut in place, the users were able to regulate their print jobs and release them securely from multiple release stations. There are approximately 300 users. It would have been a time consuming task for their IT department to add the individual users to PaperCut. TGI was able to easily sync users through Active Directory and the users registered themselves into PaperCut without IT intervention. This simple process didn’t inconvenience the end-user or IT. They are also pleased with the visibility they have with their new PaperCut tool.

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