TGI Monitor Delivers Toner Alerts, Automated Meter Collection & Fleet Reports

Posted September 2016

TGI Monitor

TGI Monitor is a tool used to automate and simplify meter collection activities, reducing manual intervention and delivering accurate results. It collects copy/print/scan/fax and color meter data from networked devices. There is no longer a need to hassle with sending in meter readings. Free of charge, TGI automatically collects the readings with TGI Monitor. This ensures accurate billing results. Estimating meters is a thing of the past. This eliminates the potential for human error. It also saves your valuable time.

TGI Monitor is not limited to collecting meter readings. The non-invasive application automatically creates a snapshot of all devices in a matter of minutes. It is designed to accurately analyze device information including both usage and status information. Gain visibility by seeing all of the machines in your organization in a single snapshot. In addition, you will have the ability to pull usage reports from your printer/MFP fleet. This provides further transparency into your business.

Have you ever stocked up on toner only to realize that it doesn’t fit the newest model you just purchased? Do you need a giant spreadsheet to keep track of all your toner product codes? Has your toner inventory taken over part of your office? Many organizations are literally drowning in their toner supply and managing it has become a full-time job. TGI Monitors can take care of this so you can get back to work. As a facet of GPS (Green Print Save), TGI’s Managed Print Services program, TGI Monitor frees you from having to store, manage and order toner. As part of a customized GPS program, we can proactively monitor toner usage and send the supplies before you even know you need it.

TGI Monitor Benefits:

  • Automated meter readings
  • Real-time reporting
  • Gather device information
  • Receive alerts when toners are low
  • Service reminders

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