TGI Partners with M-Files to Drive Business Transformation

Posted May 2018

Drive Business Transformation

TGI now offers M-Files in its portfolio of scalable business solutions, office equipment, and strong local service and support.

M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, announced TGI Office Automation, a leading provider of business equipment and solutions, is the newest addition to its global Partner Program.

TGI Office Automation is well-established as a provider of office equipment and business solutions, with more than 50 years of industry-leading customer service. With more than 500 employees across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida, TGI Office Automation supports business transformation from paper to digital document management, with an eye for delivering fast benefits for customers.

The M-Files Partner Program offers an alternative to traditional tools for enterprise content management (ECM), document management, records management and more. M-Files employs a unique system-neutral approach to managing and processing information that focuses on what information is rather than where it is stored. This makes it possible to access and use documents and data in essentially any system or repository, in context, without requiring expensive and disruptive migration projects. Gartner identified this shift in approach when it renamed its ECM category as Content Services Platforms (CSP) and identified M-Files as the leading visionary in its annual “Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platform” report.

TGI will offer M-Files as a solution for a range of businesses, including accounts-payable departments and law firms, two groups inundated with large volumes of documents. In both cases, tracking information through required approval processes and managing audit compliance is essential.

“Traditionally, document management systems tried to force a single way of organizing information, but people don’t all think the same way,” said Brian Sampietro, CIO at TGI Office Automation. “In comparison, M-Files offers a simple, unified way to manage information stored in multiple locations and systems across the organization, making it accessible to users in the manner that’s most intuitive to them. By making it simple to tag any document with the related customer, project, case or essentially any important business information that gives it context, M-Files puts the most relevant and up-to-date information at the fingertips of those who need it, when they need it and how they want it.”

“M-Files is shaping the market with a new approach we call ‘intelligent information management’ that’s highly flexible and configurable, making it easy for partners to deliver their own unique value-added offerings for specific markets and use cases,” said Scott Erickson, senior vice president of channel sales at M-Files. “TGI is an ideal partner that is well-positioned to take advantage of a huge market opportunity. They have deep experience and a track record of success helping law firms and accounts-payable departments, among others, efficiently manage the large and growing amounts of information they deal with every day. It’s this sort of focus and an emphasis on customer success that sets TGI apart, and it’s why we know we’re going to do great business together.”

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