TGI Provides an All Encompassing Technology Solution

Posted April 2018

Encompassing Technology Solution

TGI Provides All Encompassing Technology Solution

This Endoscopy Healthcare Provider is an ambulatory surgery center with a state-of-the-art facility providing colorectal cancer screening and testing and related services by a dedicated team of skilled doctors and Registered Nurses.

They had experienced frustration with several other IT companies. They were in need of a provider to handle their workstations and servers that was competent and reliable. They felt that the level of service and support was lacking.

SOLUTION – TGI Provides an All Encompassing Technology Solution
TGI provided an all-encompassing solution. All hardware (copiers, printers, postage, IT) and support is provided by one company. They appreciate the prompt, friendly service they now receive from TGI. TGI has also helped with scanning documents, improving folder structure, and increasing the overall security of their network. In addition, TGI has taken over support for the customers’ existing Datto BDR appliance.

The improved support and personalized service made all of the difference to this healthcare provider. They welcomed the transition to TGI handling all of their IT support and technology needs. They appreciate the relationship that TGI has with their staff and the in-depth knowledge TGI has of their network infrastructure.

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