TGI Provides Faxing Solution to a NJ Law Firm

Posted March 2024

A Law Office in Woodbridge, New Jersey has been a long-time customer of TGI with a combination of Ricoh, HP, and Lexmark Devices. They specialize in personal injury cases involving seriously injured or disabled, construction site accidents and workplace injuries to automobile accidents and medical malpractice. Their team of over fifteen NJ injury attorneys have represented thousands of clients throughout New Jersey on a wide range of personal-injury claims.

Since they were using analog/POTS lines, it was an outdated and unreliable fax environment. There were multiple fax lines down during their busiest time, and because they constantly receive many faxes from clients, it was delaying court due process. Also, their current phone provider was not able to address the ongoing issues due to the legacy copper lines, nor could they provide an alternative solution.

To address their issues, TGI was able to simplify their faxing environment with the eGoldFax solution. Their analog/POTS lines were eliminated. TGI was able to maintain their main number which was their number one request, and we provided them with six new numbers. TGI expanded their faxing functionality by adding the capability to fax through multiple MFPs, and their workstations.

With the implementation of GoldFax, users were now able to send and receive faxes reliably. TGI was also able to remove all of their analog/POTS lines and associated cost, while still keeping their procedure the same. The law office is no longer experiencing downtime or busy signals.

TGI is a comprehensive office technology provider. Our family-owned company has been in business since 1964. We provide enterprise solutions with unmatched support. TGI offers copiers, printers, mailing equipment, and document software solutions. With a suite of first-class products, we are able to customize each solution to best fit the customer’s needs.

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