TGI Provides Substantial Savings to Private Day School

Posted March 2018

Substantial Savings

TGI Provides Substantial Savings

ABOUT THE CUSTOMER – TGI Provides Substantial Savings to Private Day School
This Academy in Pennsylvania is a pluralistic Jewish day school for students in grades six through twelve from a broad variety of backgrounds. The school integrates a comprehensive and rigorous college preparatory curriculum with the teaching of essential Jewish and American values and texts. Graduates from this academy value diversity, celebrate the richness of Judaism’s language, culture, and history, and have a strong connection to Israel. These graduates are also prepared to be future leaders of the American, Jewish, and global communities to work for a better world through acts of justice and compassion.

With 400 students, spanning grade levels 6-12, this private school has a staff of 75 teachers and 60 additional support personnel. Each staff member has full access to their perspective departmental multifunctional copier/printer/scanner as well as individual laser printers placed throughout the facility. The Academy had great difficulty identifying departmental the volume of their copies and prints.

TGI proposed a software tool, PaperCut MF for Education, to manage their printing, copying, and scanning. The goal was to not only to reduce/eliminate copy and print overages but to reduce the overall copy/print volume throughout the organization. PaperCut has given the Academy the ability to have complete control and visibility to all output devices on the network.

Since installation, over a year ago, the Academy has seen an overall 60% reduction in their copying and printing needs. They are now able to manage each individual device in their environment by utilizing rules based copying and printing. They have saved $9,600 annually in copying/printing expenses. They are very pleased with the mixture of devices in place now. They have not only eliminated toner costs, but are now able to forecast actual departmental volumes and the monthly expense associated with them. This has streamlined the way they copy and print their many documents and forms. Now that the visibility is available their staff is now aware and accountable to the total cost of ownership of the equipment.

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